Citrus Verrucosis

28 Jan, 2021

Elsinoe fawcetti and Elsinoe austealis A fungal disease also known as Citrus scab or Verrucosis.

Citrus verrucosis causes raised warty lesions to appear on fruit and leaves, often causing the leaves to buckle. While the disease doesn't cause major problems it should still be treated as it negatively affects the health and vigour of the tree, making trees more susceptible to other problems.

Fruit is still edible, though less attractive.

Spores of the fungus are spread during wet weather and are dispersed by rain splash and wind. They live in the corky growths on the fruit and leaves, fruit remain susceptible for up to 3 months after petal fall.


To reduce the risk of your trees being affected by this fungus, ensure they are planted in full sun, in free-draining soil rich in organic matter. When pruning your trees prune to open up the center of the tree to allow better air flow.

As healthy plants are less likely to suffer from diseases, feed your plants regularly with

Kings Citrus & Fruit Tree Food along with monthly applications of Aquaticus Garden Booster.

When watering water well and deeply so that the water reaches the roots and does not run off the top of the soil. Well watered plants are less likely to come under attack then plants suffering from moisture stress.

In addition a regular spray program will help prevent and keep Verrucosis under control.

Natural Treatment

Spray with Grosafe FreeFlo Copper Fruit and Vegies or Yates Copper Oxychloride before and after blossom fall, up until harvest.

Mix the Grosafe FreeFlo Copper with Grosafe Eco Spread added to the water. This product helps the spray droplets to spread out and stick to the leaf, giving a better result.

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