Conserving Water this Summer

27 Oct, 2020

With a hot, dry summer ahead, gardeners are looking at different ways to save water while still keeping their plants happy and healthy. Here are some water saving tips to help keep your garden green the greener way.

Our Top Tips

Prevent water loss for healthier plants

Drought shield protects plants from extreme conditions. Spray on leaves to help prevent water loss by up to 50%.

Add mulch and seal in the moisture

Adding mulch increases water penetration, improves soil fertility, and protects soil against evaporation and erosion.

Use a watering can & reuse water if possible

Don’t use a garden hose. Where possible use water from a rain tank or reuse water from the sink or fish tank.

Learn the watering needs of your plants

Talk to our garden experts about how much water your plants need and group plants with similar needs together.

Add a soil wetting agent

Add granular or crystal wetting agents to soil, around plants or even on the lawn to help retain moisture for longer.

Don’t water during the heat of the day

Deep morning watering helps your plants better endure heat. Avoid watering in the heat of the day from mid morning till 5pm.

Water Saving Heroes

We have a range of products available to help reduce your watering needs and make it easier to keep your plants hydrated.

SaturAid and Water Saving Crystals

SaturAid is a granular soil wetter that is great for gardens, lawns, hanging pots and containers. Once added to the soil, they can help reduce water loss by up to 50%. Water Gel and Water Storage Crystals absorb water and slowly release it back into the soil. These can last for up to 5 years, and are biodegradable.

Yates Soil Wetter

Helps water penetrate hard-to-wet soils, such as compact, clay soils (which is most Auckland soils), or bone-dry soils. Use in pots, around established trees and shrubs in the garden or on your lawn. It is also a soil conditioner, so it will help improve the soil structure and fertility.

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Yates DroughtShield

Spray onto your plant’s foliage to help protect it from water loss by up to 50%, and from dry wind, sunburn and droughts. It will also help with light frost damage and transplant shock. This lasts up to 90 days, is biodegradable and means that you can water your plants less.

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Living Earth More Than Mulch

Help keep moisture in the soil for longer with Living Earth More Than Mulch. It contains both bark and compost, which adds nutrients, helps suppress weeds and keeps the soil wet for longer. Apply around the base of your plants, including shrubs or dwarf trees in pots.

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Egmont Magic Mulch Seaweed

Magic Mulch contains sphagnum peat moss (farmed sustainably) and seaweed. Use as a feed, mulch and water retainer in soil mixes for hanging baskets, in containers or in the garden.

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Watering Cones

Hozelock watering cones are attachments for used water bottles, that slowly release moisture into the soil as your plant needs it. Just screw onto the top of a filled 1.5–2 litre bottle and sit the nozzle into the soil of pots around 30–40cm wide.

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Water-Control Systems

Help conserve your garden water usage by using a Gardena water control system. Connect directly to the tap or water tank.

Water Tanks

MAZE water tanks come in a range of sizes including 100L and 300L, and are super easy to install to your downpipes to catch rain water.

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