Designing Your Own Cacti Garden

12 Dec, 2023

Welcome to the prickly paradise of cacti, where spiky wonders meet decor dreams! Whether you're just looking for a windowsill companion, or you want to go all out and create a spectacular outdoor cacti desert garden, we've got the secrets for success.


Originating in the desert, it’s no surprise that cacti prefer a well-lit, sunny spot both indoors and out. They grow well in specialist cacti mixes, such as Yates Cacti & Succulent Mix. Create your own by mixing Kings Potting Mix with sand or perlite, to improve drainage. Make sure to avoid any mixes that have added water storage crystals.

Outdoor Paradise

Crafting a diverse outdoor cacti garden gives you lots of opportunities to bring the arid charm of the desert into your outdoor space, and customise it to fit your own personal style.

Variety is Key

Choose a mix of cacti varieties with different shapes and sizes to create visual interest. The interplay of taller columnar cacti, paired with low-growing and barrel varieties creates a dynamic and captivating outdoor cacti garden.

Desert Flora

Introducing a mix of drought-tolerant plants alongside your cacti can complement its aesthetic, while still keeping maintenance to a minimum. Try planting a variety of succulents, such as echeveria, sedum, and sempervivum to bring their own unique shapes and vibrant colours into the mix.

Rock On

Consider incorporating larger rocks or boulders to create focal points in the garden. This not only improves the aesthetics of your outdoor oasis, but also aids in drainage, which is essential for cacti. You can also use rocks to create a pathway through your cacti garden, which will not only make navigation easier but will also add a sense of structure.

Artistic Containers

Further enhance your outdoor cacti garden by selecting artistic containers for your cacti. These containers can range from ornate terracotta pots with intricate patterns to quirky and colourful pots.

Indoor Oasis

While cacti are often associated with vast deserts, they actually grow well indoors. There are many ways to style cacti in your home, whether you prefer them as a centrepiece or as part of a diverse indoor plant collection.

Desert in a Glass

Crafting a desert-inspired terrarium is an easy way to style your cacti indoors. By grouping cacti and adding sand and gravel, you can replicate the natural desert environment to create a striking and cohesive display.

Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots not only provide an ideal environment for cacti with their excellent drainage, but they also exude a warm, earthy charm to complement the desert aesthetic. Consider different sizes and shapes of terracotta pots to add a dynamic feel to your cacti collection.

Accent with Accessories

Consider accompanying your cacti with accent plants and decor elements. Succulents, air plants, and small potted herbs can complement the cacti's desert feel. Decorative pebbles, miniature sculptures, and vintage books can be used to add character


Cacti are relatively low-maintenance and need very little care, whether they are planted indoors or out. Water every three to four weeks from spring through autumn, but avoid watering in the winter months. Allow your cacti to dry out completely in between watering. Feed with Kings Liquid Fast Food once a month, from spring through autumn.

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