DIY Strawberry Hanging Baskets

19 Jun, 2022

Winter is the perfect time to start planting your strawberries, get them settled in the soil now so they will get an early start on flower production come spring. Don’t have a lot of garden space to grow them in? Try planting them in hanging baskets! Follow our easy step-by-step guide for fabulous strawberries this next season.

1. Gather items

Here is a checklist of everything you need to create your very own hanging basket:

- Container mix or potting mix + SaturAid
- Gloves
- Hanging basket
- 3 – 4 x Small strawberry plants
- Strawberry straw

2. Filling the basket

Put your gloves on and open the container/potting mix bag.

Fill the hanging basket to approximately halfway.
Container mix will contain water-absorbent crystals already, but if you cannot find container mix you can also use potting mix, and mix in a little bit of SaturAid to help keep moisture in the hanging basket throughout the late spring and hot summer period.

3. Adding the plants

Next, gently squeeze the punnets or plastic pots the strawberry plants come in.

Place your hand gently over the plant in the pot and tip it upside down so that the plant easy falls out into your hand.
Very gently tease the roots so that the soil is loosened around the roots slightly.

4. Plant placement

Place them into the hanging basket in a circle so that they are spaced evenly between each other. This will give the roots and plants enough space to grow a good crop of berries.

5. Add extra soil

Fill the rest of the hanging basket with your mix. Make sure your mix is approximately 2-3cm below the rim of the hanging basket so that when watering, the water doesn’t easily spill over the side without being absorbed.

Gently press the soil around the strawberries to be sure they are secure in the soil. Do not cover the crowns with soil (the part in the middle where the new leaves sprout from).

6. Add straw

Scatter a layer of strawberry straw around the top of your basket. This layer will help protect the strawberries from sitting on the damp soil, which could otherwise cause your berries to spoil.

7. Water

Water well and hang up in a place where the basket with get a good amount of sun.

8. After care

Feed in spring and summer with Thrive Strawberry Food.

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