Garden To Glass: Plant Your Own Cocktail Garden

09 Jan, 2023

A delicious, crisp, refreshing cocktail truly is one of life’s little luxuries. Evoke those tropical holiday vibes by planting a cocktail garden at home. You’ll be sipping the night away in no time…. without paying those *gulp* cocktail bar prices.

Let your tastebuds choose

Whipping up a quick drink with your home-grown ingredients is sure to impress your party guests. In true kiwi style, we like to pretend we ‘haven’t done much’ prior to any event, even though we’ve secretly spent hours cleaning and menu planning. Now you’ll be able to walk the garden, and muddle, shake and stir your way to the perfect cocktails. All with the cool, casual attitude of someone who hasn’t been planning it for days. Perfect!

Choosing what to plant in your cocktail garden is half the fun. ‘Designing a garden’ is just a posh concept for choosing what YOU would love to grow and where it will thrive. Which edible ingredients make your tastebuds tingle? Which plants feature in all your favourite drinks?

Don’t be afraid of herbs

We have all bought fresh herbs from the supermarket only for them to instantly dry up like they’ve slipped into the air fryer OR turn into a mushy mess in the blink of an eye.

But don’t let that put you off. Growing herbs is easy once you have the right mix of full sun and well-draining soil. Pinching out grow tips will help your herbs to bush out (and make you feel like a pro). Basil and mint need a generous amount of water and a little more shade in the hot summer sun, but established rosemary and sage are happy sunning themselves in hotter, drier areas.

Mint: Essential in G&Ts, Mojito, Mint Collins and Mint Julep.

Rosemary: Use in Rosemary Old Fashioned and Lemon & Rosemary Bourbon Sour.

Basil: Create a Gin Basil Smash, Basil Margaritas, and Cucumber, Basil and Lime Gimlet.

Citrus Sips

Tangy, tart and oh-so refreshing on a warm summer evening. Versatile citrus is always one of our first recommendations for any edible (or drinkable) garden. Dwarf varieties can even be planted in pots, of at least 50L, meaning a cocktail garden is possible even in the smallest of spaces. Take note that potted citrus also love a good drink, and will need consistent watering and regular feeding over summer.

Lemons: The base of the Lemon Drop, Lemon Mojito and Kentucky Lemonade.

Oranges: Plant for cocktails including Orange Crush, Mimosa, Screwdriver.

Limes: Think Margarita, Mai Thai, Cosmopolitan and Lime Sours.

Fancy Fruit

Well actually, just regular fruit, mixed with liquid deliciousness and served in a fancy glass!

If you’re a sucker for a bit of natural sweetness add blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries to the mix. Can I hear a FROSÉ…

Have you ever thought of blending those excess tomatoes into a zingy Bloody Mary? Or using cucumber strips as a garnish? Yum!

While terrific taste is numero uno, another benefit to growing your own fruits and veggies is the ability to drink clean. You control what goes into your garden, and therefore into your mouth. No unknown sprays or preservatives here.

Blackberries & Raspberries: Complement any cocktail with fresh or frozen berries, also used in The Bramble, and Raspberry Snakebite.

Strawberries: Make delicious Frosé, Strawberry Daiquiris, and Kentucky Kiss.

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