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01 Dec, 2023

Living gifts make the perfect presents as they can be enjoyed for years to come. Unsure what plant would make the ideal gift for your loved one? Here are some of our favourites:

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

ZZ plant

ZZ plants (aka Zamioculcous Zanzibar) are a perfect beginner plant and therefore make a great living gift for anyone. They need little water and can withstand low to bright indirect sunlight.

Peace lily

A highly popular plant and looks good in any living space. Perfect for softening up rooms and perfect for bedrooms, lounges and even the kitchen. Peace lilies are a sign of purity, peace and prosperity.


An all-time favourite gifting plant suitable for any occasion. Moth Orchids have long-lasting flowers in a variety of colours ranging from white, purple, pink, peach and yellow.


Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your festive look, anthuriums are relatively easy-care indoor plants. They grow well in a light and bright position. Feed regularly with liquid fertiliser to keep them flowering for longer.

Snake Plant

Also known as the ‘Mother-in-laws-tongue’ plant, the snake plant is one of the hardiest houseplants available and great in any well-lit area of the house. Perfect for anyone starting out with plants as they require little water and maintenance.


Another easy-care option for friends and family, succulents are even great gifts for kids as their first plant to look after. As they can withstand less watering and full sunlight, they can be grown outside or on a sunny windowsill.

Herbs in Terracotta

Give the gift of taste with a selection of herbs to your loved ones. Choose their favourites and plant them into a terracotta pot along with container mix, making a thoughtful and useful gift.

Patio Botanics Range

Looking for a pop of seasonal colour around the house? Our pre-planted Patio Botanics range is a perfect choice, plus they make great gifts for those who aren't able to plant their own.

Dwarf Citrus

Auckland has the perfect conditions for growing citrus. Dwarf citrus can be grown in pots and are perfect for anyone, whether they have a small garden or just a sunny balcony. There is nothing more exciting than growing your own fruit.


It’s blueberry planting season, and though it’s not a traditional gift, it’s definitely one that says ‘thank you’. Perfect in large pots or the garden, these can be enjoyed picked fresh with the kids or used in recipes on in your morning cereal.

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