Growing Radishes

12 Nov, 2021

Radishes are a great way to add a pop of colour and heat to a salad, or to spice up a platter of vege crudités with dips. They are also delicious roasted with your usual Sunday roast veg. Radishes are a great vegetable to grow if you have limited space as they don’t take up much room.

Growing from seed

You can sow radish seed at any time of the year, but most varieties do best if sown in spring to summer (late summer to autumn for winter varieties such as daikon). Sow directly into a well-prepared site with full sun and well-draining soil. Keep seedbed evenly moist during the germination period.

Sprouts and microgreens

Radish sprouts and microgreens pack all the fiery flavour of full-grown radishes into a delicate little package, full of nutrients. They add a peppery punch to salads or provide a pretty garnish to make any meal look a bit fancy. They can be grown inside all year round.


Radish and horseradish are in the same family of vegetables – the Brassicaceaes – however, they are totally different species. They do have a similar spicy flavour though and can be used in a similar way. Many believe that horseradish helps with weight loss, digestion, reducing blood pressure and improving heart health. It’s a surprisingly versatile vege – just don’t overdo it! Great with meat, in salads, in sauces and in dressings.

As with radishes, you should plant them in full sun, in free-draining soil rich in organic matter. Horseradish is a perennial. Once established you can simply divide up the roots when you harvest and replant some larger stems. Generally available in our small herb section.


Red Globe

Red Globe radishes are, as the name suggests, round and red, and are a crisp and crunchy favourite for salads. A ‘spring’ radish, it matures 30 days after sowing.

French Breakfast

Sweet and crunchy, this variety is cylindrical in shape. A ‘spring’ radish, it matures 30 days after sowing.


Otherwise known as a ‘Japanese radish’, daikon is sweet and slightly spicy and is popular for pickling and fermenting. A ‘winter’ radish, it matures 60–70 days after sowing.

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