Growing Your Own Produce

08 Jun, 2022

Winter is finally upon us, and the prices of fresh produce are on the rise. If you are keen to enjoy fresh produce this winter, now is the perfect time to try growing your own! Here’s everything you need to know - whether you have a backyard or a balcony.

Why grow your own?

Starting a veggie garden will help you stay active and get you outside a lot more. Staying active is very important for your mental and physical health. As the weather gets colder, seasonal depression and seasonal flus start to creep back into our lives again. Vitamin D supports calcium absorption in the body which leads to stronger bones and a stronger immune system.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Tending to your garden can be a very relaxing experience and helps you to deal with everyday stress. Get active with the whole family this winter and share a sense of achievement knowing you are eating your own produce!

Light on your pockets and light on the Planet!

Growing your own produce is very cost-effective, as a bag of seeds is the only thing between you and an infinite supply of broccoli (or your veggie of choice!).

Pick as you need! Every day, tons and tons of organic waste ends up rotting away in landfills. Instead of wilting in your fridge, the produce in your garden stays fresh and ready for you to eat.

The customisation is endless!

Because it is your very own garden, enjoy peace of mind knowing there aren’t any harmful chemicals sprayed on your vegetables. You have complete control over what goes in your soil and what gets sprayed on your leaves. Get your hands dirty and eat clean!

Plant what you want and when you want, as every garden has its own journey. There is a wide variety of different veggies you can try growing, especially when mixing and matching punnets.

What should I plant?

Here are some of our recommendations for what to plant during this cold and wet weather.


Now is a perfect time to plant strawberries. You can look forwards to harvesting juicy strawberries in the summer!


Deciduous Fruit Trees

Early June to July is the perfect time to start planting deciduous fruit trees. These include:
- Apples
- Peaches
- Pears
- Nectarine

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Winter Veggies

To help you get started this winter, our Plant Doctor recommends these veggies:
- Broccoli
- Brussel Sprouts
- Cabbage
- Carrots
- Silverbeet

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How do I get started?

You can start your journey by planting your veggies directly into the ground or planting them in containers. Pick the method that is the most convenient for you!

Starting From Scratch

Container Gardening

Not all of us have access to a plot of land, and that is where container gardening comes in. It's a perfect addition to your balcony!
Choose a pot that is around 40cm deep and add a bag of Veggie Mix. Find a spot for your veggie seedlings, and don’t forget to water them. Container veggies need more water compared to their in-ground counterparts as there is less dirt and therefore less available water.
Some of the best crops for growing in pots are lettuce, dwarf beans, herbs and peas!

In The Ground

To get started, choose a spot in your garden that will have sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours a day.
Next, ensure your plants get plenty of drainage, as an abundance of stagnant water can cause rotting roots. To improve drainage, add gypsum to your soil.
Enrich your soil with compost, sheep pellets and organic fertiliser. Compost is food for your produce.
Knowing when to plant your crops is vital for successful yields. Brassica and leafy greens grow well in cold weather. In hot weather, we recommend crops such as tomatoes and basil.

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