How to Create a Living Wall

18 Oct, 2021

A living wall, green wall, vertical garden or garden wall is a wall that is covered with plants. They are often designed to cover a blank wall or fence that is undesirable to look at, or to create a feature. With careful plant choices a living wall can be established in full sun, shade or even inside.

Outdoor Living Wall - Sun Lovers

A sun-loving living wall can be filled with plants that do well in full sun or need at least 6 hours of sunlight. This wall garden will need a lot of water as it will be exposed to ongoing heat. If frequent watering doesn’t appeal, you can still create a sun-loving living wall by focussing on heat tolerant plants.

Sun loving plants perfect for living walls:

Cineraria Silverdust
Silver Dichondra
Rosemary prostrate

Heat tolerant plants perfect for sun-loving living walls:

Ice plant

Succulents including: Sedum, Kalanchoe, Crassula Lycopodiodes

Outdoor Living Wall - Shade Lovers

If you want to create a living wall in the shade (which will usually be on the south side of a fence, wall or the house) you will want to gather plants that do well in this type of environment. These shade loving plants enjoy being moist and only getting the morning sun.

Shade loving plants perfect for living walls:

Busy Lizzies (Impatiens)
Tropical Impatiens
Baby’s Tears

Indoor Living Wall

Indoor living walls are usually installed by professionals as permanent features, or in large pot cages. They tend to use plants that need indirect sunlight with regulated humidity and temperatures.

Plants perfect for indoor living walls:

Scindapsus (pothos)
Philodendron heart leaf, Aureum, Brasil
Spider plants
Lipstick plant
Peace lily

Starting from Scratch – Outdoor walls

Step One: Choosing your Spot

You need to decide where your living wall will go. This is the most important step as it will dictate what you can plant in your vertical garden. You will need to secure your garden wall pockets (or pot hangers) to a sturdy fence, wall or thick stakes in a sheltered position.

Step Two: Choosing your Plants

Your plant choices need to be suitable for the place they will be growing. A shaded position will need shade loving plants and a sunny spot needs sun loving plants.

Step Three: Soil

Using container mix in the living wall will ensure the soil retains moisture longer in the hot summer months. You can also add some extra Saturaid on top of the soil if plants are starting to dry out too quickly.

Step Four: Water

The liquid of life! All living walls need to be watered well and more often than your plants in the soil. This is because the soil is in small pockets, so it dries up quicker. You can even buy wall gardens with irrigation already installed, so you only need to hook it up to the hose and turn it on.

Step Five: Feed

Liquid feed once a month for optimal plant health over the spring to early autumn period. If using strawberries, feed every three weeks.

Indoor Walls

Creating indoor living walls is quite different to outdoor walls. They need to be installed by professionals or bought from specialised distributers. Once installed, Kings Plant Barn will help you choose which plants to buy to make the most of this stunning feature.

Ongoing Extra Care and Advice

If you are stuck for extra plant care, seasonal plants or need some extra advice from our staff, feel free to take a picture of your living wall and bring it instore so our expert staff can help you.

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