Indoor Plant Summer Styling

14 Dec, 2022

Whether you're a recent indoor plant parent or your collection is…. shall we say ‘extensive’… summer truly is your time to flourish! The sun is beaming in, and nothing beats the smug satisfaction of seeing new leaves sprouting from your beloved plant babies.

Perfect Plant Placement

To really make your plants sing you’ll need to think about placement, texture and your pot selection. Read on for our handy décor tips:


Plants look best styled in groups. More is more! Choose the perfect corner, piece of furniture, or shelf… just make sure the light is right.

Add Texture

Play with texture by choosing leaf combinations that look great together in their own unique way. For example, we love the long smooth upright leaves of a sansevieria paired with the tiny leaves of a callisia bubbles which tumble in droves down the pot – just gorgeous!

Hanging Around

Trailing plants are beautiful and can add a new dimension to your interior décor. Work those long, luscious leaves to full effect with a display of hanging pots. Just don’t forget to water them!

Plants To Pick

Before filling your space with our stunning indoor plant range, we suggest reading ahead to find the perfect plant match for your home (and your plant confidence). Sometimes you just need a plant that practically takes care of itself. We get it! No judgement here.

Extremely Easy care

If ‘hard to kill’ is on your shopping list, then these extremely easy-care plants are for you. Perfect for beginners and busy plant parents alike, both of these house plants tolerate a bit of neglect so it will take a bit of work to knock these ones over. Plus, they grow well in low light levels, what’s not to love? The added bonus is that they are beautiful too – some plants really do have it all.


This carefree indoor plant tolerates neglect extremely well. If you’ve had no success with houseplants (other than plastic ones) give the snake plant a try.
Style Match: Perfect for modern, sculptural homes.
Care: Prefers bright light but will also tolerate low light conditions. Allow the soil to dry out between watering.

ZZ Plant

Known as an ‘eternity plant’ due to its long life, this houseplant tolerates low light and neglect. It is slow growing, so get a large plant if you want it to fill a big space.
Style Match: Great for a simple, natural aesthetic or monochromatic home.
Care: Low to bright light. Allow the soil to dry between watering.


These guys are still easy-care, but are a bit more mindful of their conditions. Just be sure to give them the right environment and they will thrive.

Peace Lilies

Incredibly easy-care, but keep them out of direct sunlight. Peace lilies look great and help remove toxins and oxygenate the air.
Style Match: Looks fantastic with crisp white walls and warm wood accents.
Care: Grows well in bright indirect light, though will tolerate darker conditions. Keep soil moist and feed monthly with Kings House Plant Liquid Food.


Easy-care, tough, and gorgeous. Keep in an area out of direct sunlight. Great for removing toxins and oxygenating the air.
Style Match: Great for the colour lovers. A pop of red anyone?
Care: Prefers bright, indirect light. Rarely needs repotting. Unlike most plants, they do best when pot bound. Keep soil moist and feed monthly to improve flowering.

Needs a bit more love

Looking for a bit more of a challenge? Or do you just have enough time on your hands to give your house plants the utmost care? This plant baby needs a little more loving.

Maidenhair Fern

This delightful fern produces a mass of delicate, soft foliage on slightly trailing stems. These guys LOVE a drink so be sure to be generous with their watering schedule.
Style Match: These look great in a terracotta pot or woven basket for a 70’s boho vibe.
Care: Medium to bright indirect light. Water regularly and don’t let them dry out. Feed monthly with a half-strength mix of Kings House Plant Liquid Food.

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