Little Grower Activity: Christmas Tree Hangings

04 Dec, 2022

The most special decorations on the tree are always the ones that have been made by little hands. These beautiful twig decorations are the perfect Christmas crafts. Not only are they made with natural elements from your garden or local park, but they also fit in with any Christmas theme. These are perfect for our natural inspired Christmas with Kings!

What you will need:

  • Twine
  • Dry twigs
  • Scissors or secateurs

How you do it:

First job is to forage your sticks. Make sure they are clean and dry. Then pick your favourite shape and follow the instructions below.

To make a tree:

  • Bind three sticks together in a triangle formation
  • Tie a new piece of twine to the top triangle and wind down the tree
  • Tie a third piece to the top of the decoration for tree hanging

To make a star:

  • Bind 2 triangles and then bind these together to form a star shape
  • Tie another piece of twine to the top of the decoration for tree hanging

To make a snowflake:

  • Tie a bundle of 6 sticks together in the centre
  • Gently pull the branches out to form the snowflake configuration

Tip: You’ll need to help the kids to tie knots in the twine to hold the sticks together. Cheat with a little bit of sellotape to form the shapes if needed.

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