Little Growers Activity: Leaf Collage Animals

03 Jun, 2023

As the leaves fall for winter, why not take advantage and create an easy and fun activity for the kids!

What you will need:

Leaves of different colours and sizes

PVA glue


Marker pen

Top Tip

Use leaves that haven’t completely dried, as they won’t be as fragile and hard to work with.

1. Get the kids to choose an animal they want to create. They might choose a butterfly, bird or elephant!

2. Collect fallen leaves of all different colours from the park or your own backyard. Make sure they are not too brittle.

3. Lay old newspaper or a small tarp over the work surface. Let them loose with the glue and leaves!

TIP: You can also use double sided cellotape.

4. Let it dry for half a day, and add features with a marker pen.

5. Share your creation by tagging us on Instagram @kingsplantbarnnz

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