Little Growers Activity: Make your own Tee-Pea

11 Nov, 2021

Want to do a fun garden activity with the kids this weekend that they can enjoy in summer? Try out this cool Tee-Pea idea!

How you do it:

  1. Create a circle about 2m in diameter. Do this by sticking a pole in the ground where the middle will roughly be, tie a bit of string to the bottom and make a 1m mark on the string. As you walk around the pole in a circle, mark the grass.
  2. Dig out around the marked circle about 30cm deep, mix in your compost with your original soil, making the soil richer and free-draining.
  3. Plant your beans or pea seeds once every 15 – 20cm. Mark with a bamboo stake and lean them towards the pole, tying each one with string.
  4. Water your seeds deeply every morning. Protect the seedlings with Quash pellets or from birds when they are small with bird netting.
  5. Once the plants climb up the stakes and make a tee-pee shape, put a blanket down inside and play in the shade!

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