Little Growers Activity: Painted Stone Critters

13 Jun, 2021

Looking for ways to keep kids entertained on wet winter days? Making painted stone critters is a fun, indoors activity that’s perfect for all ages. Whether your tribe is into birds, bees or ladybugs, let little imaginations run wild and see what creatures result! Then, when the sun comes out, have fun finding homes for your creations in the garden.

What you’ll need:

Smooth river stones
Paintbrushes – medium and fine-tipped

Creating your stone critters:

Step One: Choose your stones

Choosing the stones you are going to paint is really important – the smoother the stone, the easier it will be to paint your design. River stones between 5cm and 8cm are the perfect choice (any bigger and they will take much longer to dry). Make sure stones are taken from your own property, or from nature. Don’t take stones from public spaces or private properties without permission.

Step Two: Clean your Stones

Make sure your stones are completely clean before painting them, as any residual dirt will end up in your paint. For best results, rinse your stones under cool water and let them completely dry before painting them.

Step Three: Plan your Design

Before you get creative, cover your workspace in a layer of newspaper to contain any paint splatters. Once you’re ready to start, sketch your design on paper first so you can then work off it. Stuck for ideas? There are loads of things you can paint! A great starting place for inspiration is the helpful insects that you find in the garden – think ladybugs, bees and lizards.

Step Four: Paint Block Colours first

With your pencil, draw your design onto the rock. Then start painting with your main block colour, using a medium-width paintbrush. Hint: Use the lightest colours first so it’s easier to go over them with a darker colour later.

Step Five: Add details

When the block colour has completely dried, add details to your painting using a fine paintbrush.

Step Six: Seal your Stone

Sealer will ensure that your stone creature stays bright and beautiful out in the elements. Wait until your finished painting is completely dry before adding a top layer of sealer around the stone.

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