Love your Autumn Garden

11 Apr, 2022

Autumn is nature's best planting time. With the warmer weather and workable soil, there's so much you can do in the garden to cleanup and prepare for the upcoming winter. Here are some jobs to do in the garden this autumn, what you should plant, plus all the products you need to grow well:

Autumn Plants


Get in your winter veggie seedlings in autumn. Plant out cabbage, lettuce, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts and parsnips.

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Annual flowers

Autumn and winter annuals are arriving in stores. Replant your pots, hanging baskets and flower beds with gorgeous, colourful blooms. Choose from our range of pansies, viola, primula, polyanthus, alyssum, marigold, calendula, and stock.

Perennial flowers

Grow beautiful asters, liriope, sedum, chrysanthemums, and cyclamen.

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Trees and Shrubs

Our water-saving stars are now instore, such as south African plants including leucadendron, proteas, and grevillea, as well as New Zealand natives like Leptospermum (manuka), Psudopanax, flax, cordyline (cabbage tree), and corokia.

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Plant out all your hedging now (camellias, griselinia, buxus, pittosporum, photinia) to get them established before winter arrives, and start planning the garden for roses arriving in June.

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Fruit Trees

Citrus and feijoa are ready to be planted into the ground now, dwarf varieties will grow well in medium to large-sized pots in the sun.

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Sow grass seed now, either using a patch pack for small dry areas or ask a staff member instore about which seed is best for your yard.

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Plant out garlic in rows in free-draining soil with a little compost mixed in.

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Jobs to do in the garden


As the end of autumn nears, cut back spent hydrangea flowers and shrubs back to at least one third. Trim existing hedges now (excluding camellias), and prune citrus on a fine day.


Deadhead finished summer flowers, cut back lilies that have completely browned and trim your lavender flowers as they become dry and husky.


Mulch your trees and shrubs with More Than Mulch, or a layer of both magic moss and bark.

Eugenia Psyllids

Have trouble with Eugenia psyllids? Spray with Groventive and Bio Neem mixed together, after cutting the most affected leaves off.

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Trim back hedging now if you didn’t in summer but leave camellias until late spring once they have finished flowering.


Keep on top of those weeds, spot spray the lawn with Yates Zero Pulse Penetrant and pull them out in veggie beds with the help of a grubber.


Fertilise fruit trees now with Kings Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertiliser.
Feed potted annuals, veggies and shrubs with Organic Garden Booster.
Liquid feed your houseplants with Kings House Plant Fertiliser if you haven’t already.


Keep snails and slugs from decimating your garden with Tui Quash.

Cleaning Up

Clean away autumn leaves and fallen camellia flowers off paths and the lawn, and put them in the compost or wool bags for usable leafmould next year.

What you need to Grow Well

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