Manicuring The Perfect Lawn

13 Mar, 2024

Embrace the kiwi dream, and get your lawn looking lush this autumn. All it takes is a little planning and care, and you'll have a beautiful lawn year round. Whether you're starting from scratch or just looking to spruce up your existing lawn, now is the time to get started!


When it comes to sowing a new lawn, preparation is key. Get rid of weeds by spraying a broad- spectrum herbicide such as Yates Zero. Smooth out any uneven spots, remove rocks and break up any lumps of dirt. Finally, adding a layer of Living Earth Lawn Mix will create the perfect bed for your lawn seed.

Sowing Seed

Choose a lawn seed that will suit your garden and then it's time to get sowing! Each lawn seed will have different instructions on the packet., so be sure to follow this carefully. To ensure a evenly covered lawn, divide your seed into two, spreading one half moving from north to south, and the other from east to west. After sowing your lawn seed, add another light layer of Living Earth Lawn Mix, or gently rake to cover the seed.

Lawn Care

Established Lawns

For established lawns, care is dependent on weather conditions. When it’s warm and dry, be sure to water deeply once a week, and water thoroughly before using a fertiliser, or chemical. Also consider how much you are mowing, and don’t mow too low! When the conditions are more wet and humid, watch out for fungal issues and spray if needed. If you notice any spots that are looking particularly wet, focus on improving the drainage before next season. Try adding gypsum to the soil before rainy periods, as this will help with drainage. If you notice bare spots in your lawn, this is an easy fi x. Loosen the soil with a fork and clear any weeds, before adding a thin layer of lawn mix, and an application of Burnet’s EzyStart Lawn Starter. Sow seed, and there you have it - no more bare spots

New Lawns

The key to a lush lawn is caring for it correctly. For the fi rst three months after sowing, feed with a fertiliser that is specifically designed for young grass such as Tui Lawnforce New Lawns, and water well. When mowing, allow the grass to grow 4-5cm tall and only take off a small amount the fi rst few times. For optimal results, be sure to remove any weeds quickly to prevent them from competing with the young grass for space and nutrients

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