Our Top Hedging Plants

22 Jan, 2024

Here are some of our top hedging plants. Hedging plants are great at creating privacy from a road or the neighbours, or to section off parts of the garden. You can even shape them into topiary!

Top Hedging Varieties


A New Zealand native, Corokia comes in a range of varieties, from bright greens, to silver and even chocolate foliage, that will brighten up any garden. Spacing requirements vary depending on how large each variety gets.
Spacing: approx. 30cm to 50cm apart.
Height: 30cm to 2m tall.



A small-leaved, tightly compact evergreen plant that has traditionally been used to define garden bed edging, for lining paths and creating topiaries.
Spacing: approx. 20cm to 30cm apart.
Height: 20cm to 1.5m tall.


Michelia Figo (Port Wine Magnolia)

This beautiful, thick, evergreen plant has dense foliage, making it perfect for hedging. Michelias are related to magnolias, and also produces highly fragrant flowers in spring and summer.
Spacing: approx. 75cm to 1m apart.
Height: up to 2m tall.



With lots of different varieties to choose from, these native plants have a steady growth rate and look great in any native-themed garden, where they can be grown as screening plants. Pittosporum are best grown in full sun.
Spacing: approx. 75cm apart.
Height: 1m to 3m tall.

Pittosporum Grow Guide


Also known as ‘lilly pillies’, eugenia is the most common hedging plant in Auckland. Dense evergreen foliage makes it perfect for blocking out nosy neighbours, being fast growing and dry tolerant, they are perfect for screening from tall surrounding buildings.
Spacing: approx. 75cm apart.
Height: 1.5m to 3m tall.

Eugenia Grow Guide


Our most popular hedging plant, Griselinias have large, glossy, evergreen foliage that’s perfect for providing privacy. Pruning will decide how tall the hedge will reach. Maintain well to keep the growth bushy and lush.
Spacing: approx. 75cm apart.
Height: 1m to 2.5m tall.

Griselinia Grow Guide

Caring For Your Hedge


When it comes to positioning your hedge, take notice of how far apart you are planting your trees. If you want to see results faster, plant them closer together, or if you want to take your time, plant them further apart.


Before you start planting, make sure your soil is in tip-top shape by digging in some Kings Compost. If you're using larger plants, don't forget to stake them while they establish their roots. And if your soil is clay-based, adding a bit of Gypsum Claybreaker will help out even more.


When it comes time to plant, pay attention to how the plant is already growing. Plant the bushier sides facing away from the next plant so that your hedge fills in quicker. And don't forget to give them a good deep watering when you're finished.


Trim your hedges regularly to encourage healthier, thicker and more symmetrical growth of your plants.

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