Our Top Summer Plants

27 Dec, 2021

Here are some of our most popular flowering plants for this summer. Try planting one or more of these, and enjoy their blooms each year.


Vireyas are well suited to Auckland’s climate and most varieties produce stunning bursts of flowers multiple times a year. Much more compact compared to their rhododendron cousins, they’re a perfect shrub for an urban garden.

Vireyas enjoy slightly acidic soil rich in organic matter, in part shade and though tolerant of a full-shade position, plants may grow less compact.

Some of our most popular varieties include Kisses and Cherry Glow, both under 1m tall with soft pink blooms, while our taller varieties include Fire Plum, with brilliant ruby flowers, and Gilded Sunrise, with bright yellow blooms, both at 2m tall.

Jasminum Sambac

Native to tropical Asia, Jasminum sambac (also known as Arabian jasmine) is the most popular variety of jasmine in the world, well known for its white, strongly scented blooms, which are used in religious offerings, perfumes and tea.

The plant can either be trained as a vine, or cut back to be kept compact. Grow in well-draining soil in the ground or in a pot in full sun. Prefers warm temperatures and needs to be protected from frosts.

Star Jasmine

If you are looking for an evergreen vine that is fast growing and has gorgeous scented blooms, you can’t go past the star jasmine. Also known as Chinese jasmine, star jasmine can be easily trained up a trellis, across a fence or even pinned down and used as a ground cover. It is hardy to compact soils and can tolerate clay soil once established, and is best planted in full sun or part shade.

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