Passionfruit Spots

21 Dec, 2021

There are an array of different fungal and bacterial diseases that cause spots to form on the fruit and/or leaves. These spots often reduce the vigour of the plant, cause leaves to yellow and fall off, and/or can cause fruit to become inedible.


Healthy plants are less likely to be affected by bacterial and fungal diseases. Keep plants well watered over the drier months and feed then regularly with Kings Citrus & Fruit Tree Food. Monthly applications of Aquaticus Garden Booster will help keep the roots and plant healthy.

Fungal diseases thrive in wet humid conditions. To help, plant your passionfruit in a sunny, open position. Open up or train vines to allow light in and increase air flow around the plant.

Where possible, water in the morning and avoid wetting the foliage.


Clear up leaf litter from around the plants. Remove and take away yellowing and spotted leaves.

Spray with Grosafe FreeFlo Copper Fruit and Vegies. Apply at 2 – 4 week intervals from November to March. For Grease Spot spraying at 2 weekly intervals may be required.

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