Peach Leaf Curl

16 Sep, 2021

Taphrina deformans. A fungal disease commonly found on the leaves of stone fruit such as plums, peaches, and nectarines. It causes the leaves (and sometimes the fruit) of the infected tree to become puckered, curled and much thicker than normal.

The spores of Leaf Curl fungus overwinters in crevices in the trees bark. When the climate is ideal, it affects the leaves causing them to curl up and bubble. In bad cases photosynthesis will be affected, growth of the whole tree may suffer, and the leaves may even turn brown, shrivel up, and fall off the tree.

Only a problem in severe cases, though it’s worth treating early to avoid any later complications.


Fungal diseases like this thrive in warm, humid conditions and are more likely to badly affect unhealthy plants.

Keep plants healthy by ensuring they are well fed with Kings Citrus & Fruit Tree food and watered deeply during the hotter months. Apply monthly applications of Aquaticus Garden Booster to keep the plant and roots healthy and strong.

Remove any infected leaves on the tree as soon as they appear, don't forget to pick them up off the ground as well. Do not put them into your compost as this will spread the spores.

Improve air flow by ensuring there is sufficient space between trees, don't be tempted to over crowd fruit trees. Prune the tree into an open vase shapes (for best results summer pruning is generally recommended).


Spray thoroughly with Grosafe Free Flo Copper Fruit and Vegies in late winter, just as the buds begin to swell. A second application 10-14 days after will also be required.

Spray your deciduous fruit trees with Lime Sulphur after leaf fall, this will help to clean up any spores on the tree. DO NOT use on evergreen trees as it will make all the leaves fall off.

When using sprays and chemicals always read the label and follow instructions carefully. Spray in the evening to avoid harming beneficial insects.

Take care when using Lime Sulphur as it will stain surfaces.

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