Pink Jasmine

02 Aug, 2021

Jasminum polyanthum. Fragrant, and attractive, this particular Jasmine is incredibly invasive in Auckland.

Somewhat similar in appearance to Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides), however they can be told apart fairly easily as the buds on Pink Jasmine are a distinctive pink colour while star jasmine has green buds.

Pink Jasmine is a climber and can sprawl over the ground, long shoots climb and tangle their way up and over anything that gets in its way. Difficult to get rid of due to its rampant style, it can re-root from small pieces of roots and nodes, it often establishes itself on difficult terrain.

Physical Control

Remove all of the plant material, place into bin liner and dispose of the material carefully at a refuse transfer station (or in areas where you can, by burning all the plant material).

Continue to monitor the area in case any plant material that was missed reshoots. Removal is a lot easier when plants are small.

Other Treatment

Cut stems and apply Cut N Paste MetGel to freshly cut area. Ensure that you cover all the cuts and apply a thick layer of paste.

MetGel can travel through the soil and affect nearby plants. If there are plants nearby that you wish to keep use Bamboo Buster instead. More applications may be required.

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