Planting a Winter Garden

06 Jun, 2021

For many, winter is a time to step away from the garden once the general chores are done. But if you long for a bit of life and colour over the cooler period, there are many different plants that thrive in winter. Here are some of our top suggestions.


Also known as ‘winter roses’, hellebores provide a stunning display of bright colour in a winter shaded garden and are also a good food source for bees in the colder months. Plant under trees, shrubs, hedges, or the south side of the house in soil rich in organic matter.

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Bearing white flowers with a pink blush that are highly fragrant, daphne is one of the best shrubs in the garden this season. The Perfume Princess is our top seller and produces large clusters of flowers. Grows to 1m x 1m in partly shaded areas all year round.

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Also known as ‘heavenly bamboo’, nandina are evergreen shrubs that come in a range of colours. Many, like the Firepower variety, change colour to a deep red as temperatures cool. Plant in pots or the garden in free-draining soil rich in organic matter.

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Brown/scented boronia

Blooming from winter to spring, brown boronias are small evergreen shrubs that bear highly scented, brown, bell-shaped flowers. It is said that some people can smell them far more than others. They are excellent as cut flowers, and are ideal for native gardens. Plant in full sun in free-draining soil.

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Also known as ‘coral bells’, these evergreen perennials come in an exciting range of colourful leaves. The nickname coral bell refers to their small, sweet flowers hung like bells on each flower stalk. Best planted in part sun, they are easy-care, with little maintenance needed.

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Viburnum Eve Price

A popular spring-flowering shrub that arrives in stores by mid-July. Viburnum are evergreen, with lovely thick foliage and gorgeous white and off-pink flowers that are often accompanied by a sweet perfume. Best grown in well-draining soil in full sun to part shade.

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Flowering Cherries

These cherries only provide small, inedible fruit but produce flowers in late winter to spring that completely cover the tree for 2–4 weeks, and the trees provide soft shade for the garden. Grows to approximately 5m x 4m depending on varieties, in full sun.

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An easy-care perennial plant that is perfect for a beginner gardener! Plant in shaded to partly shaded areas in pots or the garden. A drop in temperature triggers them to bloom, filling spaces with red, white, pink and purple flowers. When flowers finish, pluck the seed heads gently off the croms to encourage more growth.

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Arriving in stores by mid- to late July, deciduous magnolias will be in bloom throughout winter. Magnolias make great feature trees, offering shade in late spring to autumn and flowers on bare branches.

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