Planting For Birds

01 Apr, 2024

Aotearoa is home to many unique native birds. Whether it’s waking up to a beautiful tūĪ song, or watching a large kererū fly by, we love the presence of birds in our gardens.

Our Top Bird-Friendly Trees


Also known as Pōhutukawa or the New Zealand Christmas tree, this beautiful tree makes a striking focal point in the garden. It is a great choice for gardeners wanting to bring tūī and bellbirds to their garden.

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Popular with tūī, kererū, bellbird and waxeye, this stunning native tree makes a great addition to a bird friendly garden. With a profusion of vibrant yellow flowers in spring, it's no wonder kōwhai are loved by birds and gardeners.

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The lush Nikau palm is the only palm that is native to Aotearoa. These slow-growing palms will eventually reach 10 metres high, and their fruit serve as a tasty treat for kererū.

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Our Top Bird-Friendly Products

Nectar Feeder

Ideal for smaller outdoor areas and gardens that don’t have enough space for large trees. Bird feeders are super easy to install, just add nectar and you’ll welcome birds to your garden in no time.


Coconut Feeder

These reusable coconut shells are filled with peanut flavoured energy food for the birds, which are filled with essential nutrients. Hang it in a safe spot and watch a range of birds flock to your garden.


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