Reaching new heights with trees

15 Jul, 2022

Whether you’re wanting a large assortment of trees to screen the neighbours or a busy road, a large feature tree in the middle of the lawn to offer shade on hot summer days, or a small Japanese maple adding brilliant colour in autumn, there's a tree for every garden.

Screening Trees

These are large trees that are best used in the city to add some privacy - either as manicured tall hedges or planted in specific areas to protect the property from nosy neighbours. We recommend trying olives, pittosporums, puka trees, titoki, ficus tuffi, and michelias.

Feature Trees

Feature trees are planted in specific places in the garden to draw attention. These often have colourful flowers, leaves, and shapes or have a large spread to offer shade in an otherwise sparse area. We recommend trees such as camellias, magnolias, flowering cherries, crepe myrtle, palms, robinia ‘mop tops', cercis, jacarandas, pohutukawa, and albizia.

Trees for Smaller Gardens

Smaller gardens in urban areas can also have planted trees without losing much garden space. The best trees for smaller spaces are Japanese maple, dwarf citrus, and eucalyptus 'baby blue'.

New Release at Kings!


Michelia Church Mouse is an exciting addition to the michelia family. With its copper coloured buds and sweet fragrant white flowers in early spring it is well suited for pots, courtyards and small gardens. Growing to 1m x 1m it will also look great as a low hedge

Tree Planting Essentials

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