Slugs and Snails

21 Jan, 2021

Slugs and snails are classified as gastropods, “gastro" meaning stomach and “pod" meaning foot. Voracious eaters, they slide along on a muscular foot, eating plants and creating slimy mucus as they go. Both slugs and snails have two upper tentacles that protrude from their foreheads. Used for sight and smell, they carry eyes on the tips. Shorter, lower tentacles extending down from their heads are used for touch and taste.

Slugs and Snails usually come out at night and feast on our plants while we are sleeping, often leaving large irregular shaped holes and a trail of slime which is an obvious sight that they are there.

Not only do they feed on our prime young seedlings and tender new growth they also feed on the soft growth of larger plants, hostas being a favourite.


Slugs and Snails hide from the heat and sun during the day under other plants, amongst decaying leaves, overgrown areas of weeds, piles of timber and rubbish laying about.

Keep weeds under control and remove any rubbish where they like to hide.

Check under rocks and other potential hiding places and destroy any that you find hiding.

Natural Treatment

Use Slug and Snail Traps. If you run out of the bait you can part fill the traps with some beer.

Crushed egg shells sprinkled onto the ground can also be of help as snails do not like the sharp edges.

Other Treatment

Where signs of Slugs and Snails are apply applications of a suitable Slug and Snail bait. Re-apply after rain or heavy irrigation.

If you have pets it is best to use Tui Quash as this is safer for our furry friends.

Always read product labels and instructions thoroughly.

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