Starting From Seed - Sow and Grow

04 Jun, 2024

Watching a tiny seed transform into a thriving plant is such a rewarding aspect of gardening. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, growing from seed is easy with a few simple steps.

Growing From Seed

When growing from seed, you have two options: sowing in seed trays or sowing directly into the ground. Both methods have their advantages, and here are some tips to help you grow well.

Growing in a seed tray will give you more control over the growing conditions for your seeds, and they can get a good head start before being transplanted outdoors. Fill your seed tray with a seed-raising mix such as Yates Black Magic, and use a mister to moisten the soil. Each seed will have different planting requirements, so follow the specific planting instructions on the back of your seed packet. Once your seeds have been planted, lightly cover with mix, and press down gently ensuring contact between the seed and the soil. Your seeds will grow well when the seed tray is positioned in a warm, well-lit position indoors, or in a sheltered, sunny position when growing outside.

Sowing seeds directly into the ground is also a great option as you avoid the transplanting step and no additional equipment is required. Before planting into the ground, it’s important to prepare your garden beds by mixing in Kings Garden Mix, and then raking to form a fine seedbed. Follow the instructions on the back of your seed packet - spacing is important, so be sure to give each seed space to grow. Rake over them with a light layer of soil, and water in gently once planted. When sowing seeds such as beans and peas, try adding a trellis to give them something to climb up.



Your seeds need regular watering throughout their growth. It's important to ensure the soil doesn’t dry out. When growing in a seed tray, use a hand sprayer to moisten the mix. In the garden, opt for the sprinkle setting on your hose, reducing water pressure and aiming the nozzle upwards to avoid disrupting seeds and seedlings.


If you have started the growing process in a seed tray, your seedlings will need to be transplanted into the ground once they have at least two pairs of true leaves. To avoid damaging the stem and root system, lift the seedlings by their leaves and gently tease them apart. Plant into individually prepared holes, slightly deeper than their original level. Press the soil gently around the seedlings and water in carefully.


Once transplanted, start fertilising your seedlings. For young plants, use Kings Liquid Fast Food Fertiliser or Aquaticus Organic Garden Booster at half strength.

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