Summer Plants We're Loving

12 Dec, 2023

It’s such an exciting time to be in our stores, filled with new arrivals of beautiful summer plants. Here are some of our favourites!


With their lush green foliage and exotic, fragrant blooms, frangipani bring a touch of tropical paradise right to your garden. Most of the frangipani we stock at Kings are unique, as they are grown from seed, so the colour of the flowers is not known until they bloom.

Root-Based Spices

Ginger, turmeric, and galangal - these root-based spices can be grown right in your own backyard. They are hardy, easy to grow, and you can harvest after just a few months. Not only do these aromatic spices enhance the depth and flavour of your culinary adventures, but they also have a range of health benefits. What’s not to love?


Fresh raspberries on tap all summer - yes please! Create your own raspberry patch to enjoy sweet, juicy harvests throughout the summer months.

Michelia Figo

Fill your garden with the delightful fragrance of the Port Wine Magnolia. This tree is popular for its stunning flowers in creamy yellow and burgundy.


Bring a tropical vibe to your garden by growing bananas. They are fun and easy to grow, rewarding you with delicious fruit that’s packed with essential nutrients. Plus, once they get established, they are drought-tolerant and disease-resistant. Bunches of bananas can reach up to 20kg, so you’ll have plenty to share with friends and family!


Enjoy fresh, juicy pineapple straight from your backyard. Pineapples are easy to grow, and thrive in a sunny, frost-free spot - ideal for Auckland’s climate. With their rosette of spiky leaves, pineapple plants not only add a touch of unique beauty but, with a little care and regular watering, will reward you with delicious, homegrown pineapples.

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