The Classic Beauty of Hydrangeas

12 Dec, 2023

Picture this: stunning, large blooms in shades of white, pinks, purples, and even blues! Hydrangeas are classic shrubs, renowned for their striking flowers that create a show-stopping masterpiece in your garden.

There's something so mesmerising about hydrangeas. Their captivating flowers have a timeless appeal, gracing Auckland's gardens with their presence for many decades. From delicate pastels to vibrant blue and purples, there's a hydrangea to suit any garden. Hydrangeas are remarkably versatile, looking beautiful in both classic and contemporary garden styles.

Whether they're mass-planted or planted as a feature, they bring a wow factor to your garden when they burst into bloom. Hydrangeas prefer being planted in the ground, however some varieties will also thrive in pots- and even indoors! The allure of hydrangeas extends beyond the garden, finding a place in a cut flower bouquets and dried arrangement.


When you're introducing hydrangeas to your garden, it's important to consider that they lose their leaves and flowers during the winter months. With this in mind, choose a spot that can tolerate a bit of bareness when the colder season rolls in.


If you have established hydrangeas in your garden, the good news is that you don’t need to do too much to keep them looking stunning year after year. To keep your established hydrangeas thriving during the summer, all you need is a consistent watering routine.

Deeply water your hydrangeas two to three times per week, but make sure to avoid wetting the foliage to prevent fungal diseases. Feed your hydrangeas Kings Fast Food Liquid Fertiliser or Kings Rose Food between early spring and early autumn to give them everything they need for lush growth and vibrant blooms

If you're fortunate enough to have those classic blue or pink flowering hydrangeas in your garden, you can enhance their colour by adjusting the soil's acidity. To deepen blue hues, use aluminium sulphate, and to intensify pinks, opt for dolomite lime. Apply once in autumn, and again during thegrowing season in spring.

Our Top Varieties


This hydrangea boasts deep, near-black leaves contrasting beautifully with vivid red and pink flowers. Blooming profusely from spring through autumn, this hydrangea grows to around 90 centimetres, making it a striking addition to both garden beds and containers.

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Limelight hydrangeas display magnificent lime green blooms that mature to a creamy hue, eventually turning deep pink in late autumn. Reaching a height of about 1.5 metres, this variety provides a changing palette of colours throughout the seasons, ideal for dynamic garden displays.

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Magical Revolution

Magical Revolution hydrangeas start with pastel pink or blue blooms, which gradually deepen to a rich burgundy over a long flowering season. Growing to around 70 centimetres, this variety adds a splash of ever-changing colour to garden spaces, perfect for mixed borders.

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Snowball hydrangeas have deep green foliage and large, rounded white blooms, resembling soft snowballs. This variety grows to about 1.5 metres, creating an elegant presence in the garden. When planted in groups, they offer stunning visual impact.

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Renate Steiniger

Renate Steiniger is a moptop variety with abundant brilliant blue flowers, creating a spectacular sea of blue in full bloom. This variety grows to around 1.5 metres tall, making a vibrant statement in garden beds with its striking blue hues.

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Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet has large, creamy flowers that bloom from spring to summer. This variety reaches a height of around 1.5 metres, adding vertical elegance and continuous blooming to gardens, making them ideal for cutting and indoor displays.

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