Winter Plants We're Loving

05 Jun, 2023


Blooming from late winter through spring, magnolias are a timeless classic. Their stunning blooms will bring beauty to any outdoor space. We love the versatility of magnolias, with both deciduous and evergreen varieties available in a range of sizes - there’s one to suit any garden.


If you're looking for a unique and exotic plant to add to your garden, protea are the perfect choice. We love their striking architectural flowers in bold colours. They are ideal for a winter garden, flowering from autumn through spring. Protea are low-maintenance, drought-tolerant and grow well in sunny spots.

Flowering Cherries

These stunning trees are popular for their delicate pink and white blossoms that create a spectacular display in spring. They are relatively easy to care for, growing well in sunny spots and free-draining soil. Flowering cherries are versatile, working well as a feature tree, or in a mixed border.


With their colourful foliage, and blooms in pinks, reds, oranges and yellow, leucadendrons will add texture and interest to your garden. They are unique and striking, but also low-maintenance. Leucadendrons show their best colour in the cooler months, making them an ideal choice for a winter garden.


Plums are a guaranteed favourite in the garden, with tasty fruit and beautiful flowers. Their delicate pink and white blooms will fill your garden with a sweet fragrance come spring. Plum trees are relatively easy to care for, growing well in a sunny position with at least six hours of sunlight each day.


With their captivating fragrance and stunning white blooms with pink blush, what’s not to love about daphne? Their sweet scent will fill your garden from late winter to early spring, making them one of our favourite winter shrubs. Daphne grow well in a part-shade position, with free-draining soil.

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