21 Apr, 2021

Worldwide there are an estimated 22 000 species all belonging to the family Formicida.

While Ants don’t tend to cause problems in the Garden by themselves, they can exacerbate problems by protecting sap sucking insects such as aphids and scale, enabling them to feed on the honeydew they excrete. This can also lead to Sooty Mould growing on these sugary excretions.

Ants nesting in pot plants tends to indicate that the soil is quite dry. Whether or not this is a problem depends on the plants you are trying to grow.


Ants will often form nests in pots and garden beds when the soil has become too dry. By keeping garden beds and mixes moist they are less likely to be a problem.


Sprinkle No Ants Ant Sand over areas to be treated, including lawns, flowerbeds, paths, and cracks between paving stones.

Natural Option

Can be controlled using a pyrethrum based spray such as Nature’s Way Fruit and Veggie Gun. Spray until entrance of nest is saturated. Repeat regularly and keep an eye out for new entrances.

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