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Creating an exotic oasis with Tropical Plants

12 Jan, 2021

Enjoy lounging around under palm trees in your own backyard. Teamed with hibiscus, tropical impatiens and cannas, you can create your own tropical oasis.


Add instant height and colour to a small fence or trellis. Tropical flower trumpets of reds, whites and pinks and evergreen glossy foliage. Best in bright, indirect light.

Bird of paradise

A popular plant grown for its wide lush leaves and flower, which resembles a bird of paradise. Great in a full sun part of the garden or in a large container.


One of the most iconic tropical flowers, hibiscus are best suited to a
sunny position and can grow to 1.5m high.


Otherwise known as Madagascar jasmine. This is an evergreen climber with stunning white flowers and a high fragrance. Growing as tall as 6m. Plant in a sheltered position or in a large pot.

Canna lilies

A deciduous perennial that pops up every summer. Beautiful tropical flowers perched on long elegant stems, and coloured foliage. Best planted outside along a fenceline.


Producing an abundance of exquisitely scented blooms, these delightful tropical plants are well suited to Auckland's climate. Best grown in part shade.


A wonderful flowering plant with stunning, lily-like flowers in a range of colours with a compact growing habit, perfect for both the garden or containers in full sun.


Also known as tropical rhododendrons, these are perfect for subtropical climates and produces eye-catching bunching flowers in shadier parts of the garden. Great for underplanting palm or evergreen trees.

Tropical Impatiens

Also known as New Guinea Impatiens, growing these shade-loving perennial plants is a great way to add a splash of colour into those darker spots in the garden. Best in free-draining soil, rich in organic matter.


An NZ native known as the Three Kings Vine, this thick-leaved, evergreen native vine produces stunning displays of huge white trumpet-shaped flowers in summer. Best in rich, moist soil.


Plant palms in free-draining soil with organic matter, water deeply until established and as a general rule, keep young palms in dappled shade. Mulch well and feed sparingly with Novatec.

Queen palm

(Syagrus romanzoffiamum): A graceful palm that grows well in warmer areas. A fairly vigorous grower with non-symmetrical feathered fronds. Plant in full sun or part shade. Grows to around 15m high.

King palm

(Archotophoenix alexandrae): A graceful, tall palm that forms a pale grey trunk, with 2.5–3m arching fronds. Does best when grown in full sun. Grows to 10–12m.

NZ Nikau

(Rhopalostylis sapida): New Zealand’s only native palm. The fruit is a favourite of the kererū. Best grown in part-shade, though it will tolerate full sun. Best planted in free-draining, moist soil. Slow growing, eventually reaching 10m. Take care when planting as they have relatively delicate roots.

Kentia palm

(Howea forsteriana): With graceful arching fronds and a delicate slender stem, Kentia palms can be grown both indoors or outdoors. Full sun to shade, suitable for coastal areas. Slow growing, they eventually reach 15m high.

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