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  • Cut'N'Paste Metgel 450ml Cut'N'Paste Metgel 450ml

Cut'N'Paste Picloram 450mL

Cut'N'Paste Metgel 450ml

Product Code:980333
Cut'N'Paste Metgel

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Quick Overview

Cut'N'Paste Metgel 450ml

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Cut'N'Paste MetGel

Comes in brush topped bottle allowing you to apply the weedkiller with ease. Cut down woody weeds and immediately apply paste. On leafier weeds, apply paste to the underside of 1 or 2 leaves. Perfect for killing hard to kill weeds such as Privet, Rhamnus, Ginger, Arums and Agapanthus.

Note: MetGel is a targeted weed that won't affect members of the solanaceaea family (tomatoes, tobbacco weed, wooly nightshade) or grasses.

Active Ingredient

Metsulfuron Methyl


Metsulfuron can travel through soil in water columns affecting non target plants and you are advised to take great care to avoid spillage when used anywhere near water courses.

Note: MetGel has a 6 months recommended shelf life

Additional Information

Product Description Cut'N'Paste Metgel
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