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Helping Monarch Butterflies thrive in your garden


Despite their lofty status and poisonous bodies, there are some things that can cause problems to Monarch Butterflies and their larvae. But thankfully we can, with a bit of know how, make sure their needs are well served.

Recipe: Raspberry & Lime yogurt Popsicles

Treat yourself to a delicious and extremely easy treat for this hot summer

Carnivorous Plants

Unlike most carnivores, that carefully stalk their prey or set their traps, carnivorous plants spend most of their time in a vegetative state. Aside from swaying in the wind, or being knocked by a passing animal, they rarely move. Venus Flytraps are the exception, as they occasionally burst into action, snap shut and then devour their prey.

Dry Tolerant Plants

Need to figure out how to deal with those bone-dry spots in the garden, or suss out how to create a gorgeous, low maintenance garden that can take the heat. Here are a few of our top picks.

A Quick Guide to Growing Edible Flowers

Decorate your garden, help keep the bees happy and brighten up many a drab salad or meal with the glorious addition of a tasty dash of colour. In recent years edible flowers have been all the rage, but to ensure you pick the right flowers from the right place here are a few tips on what to do.

Trendy Terrariums

Terrariums, there's a world within. They're your own biosphere neatly nestled on your table, desk or shelf. They can look peculiar, graceful, jagged, soft, refined and very trendy.

DIY: Christmas Tree pots

Looking for a more sustainable tree or decorations for around the house this year? Try this garden themed DIY Christmas tree pot that can be enjoyed by the whole family!

Top Tips for Dry Summers

As the sun unrelentingly beats down, it's easy to let things slide a bit in the garden as the ground quickly dries out. And sadly, water stressed plants are more likely to get hit by pests or diseases. 


So to help we've come up with a few tips that should make it easier to keep your plants happy, healthy, and watered.



Make a deliciously festive favourite this Christmas season for the whole family!

Bee Guide December

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