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Growing Gladioli

Learn all you need to know about growing and caring for Gladiloi

Matthews Roses

Matthews roses are back after waiting five long years. Read about some specific varieties we have in store now!


The basics of how to choose, plant and care for potatoes

Bee Guide August


With winter fast approaching, strawberry planting is in the back of every gardener's mind! Growing strawberries is relatively easy. The plants themselves are incredibly hardy. But unless the plants are kept happy and healthy they are unlikely to be productive. So to make things easier, here are some useful tips on how to grow large, healthy and juicy strawberries.

Fruit Trees: Planning to Plant

Growing fruit trees is an incredibly rewarding experience and the results are delicious, nutritious and regularly juicy. Creating your own mini orchard needn't be hard, for as long as you get things right when you plant, things are unlikely to go pear-shaped.

Winter pruning, grafting and espalier

Learn the basics of pruning, espaliering and grafting your fruit trees in winter and early spring.

To Prune or not to Prune

July and August are the best months for pruning fruit trees – and it’s much easier than you think.


Dahlias are one of the easiest flower plants to look after in the garden. Learn about dahlia varieties, how to plant a dahlia tuber and how to care for it throughout the year with our easy tips.

Attract birds in your garden

It’s true, we are crazy about our birds, especially when it comes to our unique and native species. Whether it be waking up to tui and bellbird song, or watching a large, low-flying kereru pass you by, we would love to have them in close proximity. Here are some products and tips to keep our special birds interested in your garden.

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