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Recipe: Plum Sauce

Try this delicious sauce that you can use when serving meats, flavouring stews or even use instead of pizza sauce!

Recipe: Feijoa and Chocolate chip muffin

Makes 12 small or 6 large muffins As feijoas become plentiful, ensure they don’t go to waste by cooking some of these delicious, tasty muffin treats. They're best eaten still hot from the oven, helping warm you up as autumn fully descends.

Recipe: Raspberry Jam

Four weeks at home feels a bit daunting right now, but keeping some variety in our lives is important to our wellbeing. If you want to try something new, and have frozen berries that need to be used, how about making jam?

Recipe: Miso Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Chilli Greens Noodle Bowl

A delicious meal made with seasonally harvested ingredients. Try something a bit different with this tasty noodle bowl...

Growing Edibles for Winter

While we all have to do our part and stay inside to beat COVID-19, there are many autumn and winter veggies you can start to plant and plan for. Read on to find out how to start your own edible garden from scratch...

COVID-19 Lockdown Notice

To our valued customers, in response to the Government’s announcement that NZ will be entering Alert Level 4 lockdown on Wed 25th March, we have officially closed all stores and have stopped trading on our website.

A Quick Guide to Autumn Veggie Planting


Autumn is in the air, but winter is coming. So to ensure you get the most out of your veggie garden this season, we've made a list of some of our favourite veggies to plant this season, and some tips that should get you going.


COVID-19 Customer Notice


Boldly announcing the arrival of spring, Daffodils (Narcissus species) are easy to grow and will look fantastic for many springs to come. And despite what you might think, they come in an array of unusual and interesting shapes and colours.

All about Compost Crops

Wanting to add nutrients back into your tired garden beds, as well as keep away the weeds before spring rolls around? Try planting compost crops in your garden today!

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