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Growing Tamarillo

Read about how to grow and care for tamarillo trees for a tasty harvest!

Growing Petunias

Learn the basics on what you need to know about petunias, learn the varieties and how to care for them throughout their growing seasons.

Looking for Company: A Guide to Companion Planting

Adding companion plants to your garden to help keep a healthy ecosystem and avoid using pesticides.

Growing Begonias

How to start your journey with these gorgeous, shade flowering plants perfect for pots and hanging baskets.

Roasted Cauliflower & Dates with Whipped Tahini Yoghurt

Learn how to create a delicious roasted cauliflower dish from scratch with this easy to follow recipe.

Caring for Avocados

Learn the basics of how to plant and care for avocados, as well as pollination types.

Kings Organic Compost

Learn about the King's Compost Journey


There are few plants more capable of brightening up those dark, shady spots in your garden as the almost unkillable and strangely delightful Clivia. Above their dark strap like leaves burst a stunning display of trumpet shaped flowers. Available in an array of creams, yellows and oranges, depending on the variety you're growing.

Growing Organically

How to start growing organically in your garden

More flowers = More Bees

How you can help the bees in your own garden this month.

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