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Herb of the Month: Sage

This versatile herb is delicious, easy to grow and great for the bees and other beneficial insects.

War of the Roses

No, this isn't about the bloody dynastic wars in Medieval England; it's about the bloody mess that I often find myself when the roses come in. It's about the battles that inevitably erupt as people scramble past each other, surrounded on all sides by thorns, in a quest to procure the right rose.

Monthly Recipe: Orange Loaf

Add some zest to your winter and use up any excess oranges by making this tasty treat.


Cultivated across the world, and beloved by most, their name is actually a misnomer. Even the most productive strawberry plants technically won't ever produce a single berry (at least according to botanists), and instead produce aggregate fruit accessories.

Recipe: Lemon Tart

It's citrus season, and we'll soon be inundated with mountains of tasty lemons. Prepare to show off and enjoy deliciousness with this tasty, tangy treat.

Sweet peas – The Victorian Floral Sensation

Delightfully scented and coming in an array of gorgeous colours, Sweet Peas are yet another thing to thank Scotland for. As before Henry Eckford, a Scottish nurseryman, started breeding them they were generally considered a rather insignificant affair.

Herb of the Month: Fennel

This aromatic and flavourful member of the carrot family has been used for centuries the world over. However, it has often been under-utilised, as we fail take advantage of its glorious flavours.

Quick Guide: Garlic and Shallots

As soon as I start to cook any concerns over the state of my breath swiftly disappear, quite quickly I start using garlic in cloves. And while I will avidly munch chocolate or put away cakes, I'd definitely prioritise my allium consumption over all else. For without onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks, food would lose a lot of its lustre.

Arabian Jasmine

Newly available and highly prized. Learn more about this delightfully fragrant vine or shrub.

Feijoa and Chocolate chip muffin

Makes 12 small or 6 large muffins As feijoas become plentiful, ensure they don’t go to waste by cooking some of these delicious, tasty muffin treats. They're best eaten still hot from the oven, helping warm you up as autumn fully descends.

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