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Pets and Indoor Plants

If you are a pet owner it can be concerning when they start to nibbles your plants. Read our advice on what common indoor plants are pet safe, and plants that should be kept away from your furbabies.

Recipe: Rhubarb Muffin

Rhubarb can be harvested in winter, and taste delicious in warm, freshly-baked muffins

Bee Guide July

A flowering and planting bee guide for the month of July.

Little Growers Recipe: Coconut Lime Bites

Want to make something super quick for the kids, using freshly harvested winter limes? Follow our easy step-by-step recipe to make bites for lunches, afternoon snacks or birthday parties!


With winter fast approaching, strawberry planting is in the back of every gardener's mind! Growing strawberries is relatively easy. The plants themselves are incredibly hardy. But unless the plants are kept happy and healthy they are unlikely to be productive. So to make things easier, here are some useful tips on how to grow large, healthy and juicy strawberries.

Kings Virtual Store Tour - St Lukes

Kings Virtual Store Tour - St Lukes

Kings Top Roses 2020

All about Daphne

Learn all you need to know about growing daphne, including varieties and when they will be available in stores, how to plant them in the ground and in pots, and ongoing care.

Recipe: Orange Loaf

Add some zest to your winter and use up any excess oranges by making this tasty treat.

All you need to know: Camellias

Learn about types of camellias, as well as our tops varieties, planting and care tips.

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