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Passionate Plant People winter 2021

At Kings, we are plant people – passionate and enthusiastic about growing and caring for plants. But like many of our customers, our love of plants started long before we walked into a garden centre. Each season we take a tour around one of our teams’ gardens and plant collections and share their unique story. This winter, we visited Gill’s home in coastal Beach Haven to see her beautiful garden, a result of many years of trial and error.

Attract birds in your garden

It’s true, we are crazy about our birds, especially when it comes to our unique and native species. Whether it be waking up to tui and bellbird song, or watching a large, low-flying kereru pass you by, we would love to have them in close proximity. Here are some products and tips to keep our special birds interested in your garden.

Planting a colourful winter garden

For many, winter is a time to step away from the garden once the general chores are done. But if you long for a bit of life and colour over the cooler period, there are many different plants that thrive in winter.

The Little Growers Great Bird Hunt

Come along to our Little Growers Great Bird Hunt, instores from the 10th July to the 25th July (2021)

Growing nectarines and peaches

What you need to know about growing healthy nectarines and peaches.

Planting in Clay soils

Often maligned but full of potential, growing plants in clay may have its challenges but with a little care and know-how, it’s possible to grow beautiful, healthy plants even in thick, heavy soil.

Recipe: Citrus Cordial

This cordial can also be used as a drizzle for citrus cakes, a soda syrup or the base for a heart-warming hot toddy.

Matariki and the garden

Matariki is a time to gather with whānau and friends to reflect on the past, remember lost loved ones, celebrate the present and think and plan for the future.

Recipe: Spiced Pumpkin Jam

Use any soft-fleshed squash or pumpkin to make this pretty coloured preserve that's delicious on scones, toast or in jam roly-poly puddings. Firmer-fleshed winter keepers such as ‘Whangaparaoa Crown’ and ‘Queensland Blue’ can also be used, though they will take more simmering to soften sufficiently.

Strawberries for Kids

Strawberries are super delicious, and even more so when you grow your own! The flowers are good for attracting and feeding bees and the plants are very easy to grow in the garden, or in pots and hanging baskets if you don’t have a lot of room.

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