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Tasty, delicious and conveniently small. Whether you have a small space, want to grow in pots or would just like to keep the height down to make harvesting easier one of the trees in this range could be for you!


What’s different about Kiwiapples?

Most dwarf apples are a non-dwarfing variety of apple grafted onto a dwarf rootstock (usually M9). Kiwiapples are different, in that they are grafted onto a larger rootstock (MM106). This rootstock (MM106) tends to be a bit tough, more resistant to some pests and diseases (including phytophthora and woolly aphid).

The Kiwiapple varieties are also better suited to being grown in large pots than apples grown on dwarf rootstock and they tend to require less pruning, as generally they can be left almost in their natural shape.


Choosing your Tree


Fruiting Season

Skin Colour

Fruit Size


Little Rascal

March - April

Dark red


Sweet and juicy


March - April

Light green with splashes


Crisp and zesty


March - April

Rich red with dark red


Crisp and sweet

Teacher’s Pet

March - April

Rose red


Very sweet and juicy



All the varieties of Kiwiapple require a pollinator. For best results, plant near 2 different varieties of Kiwiapple, a crab apple or near other apple trees.

Apples are insect pollinated, so make sure that you take care of bees and other useful pollinator insects by planting lots of flowers through all the seasons, and by being careful if you need to spray.

For more advice on caring for beneficial insects click here



In Pots

For best results plant into a large pot (no smaller than 50L). Fill with Kings Container Mix and then plant.

In the ground

Dig a hole at least twice as deep and wide as the pot your tree comes in.

Backfill with compost, Nature’s Organic Fertiliser and sheep pellets and your top soil. Break up the sides as you backfill, leaving the best soil for the top layer and then plant into the loosened soil.



Kiwiapples rarely require pruning as they naturally form a small bush/central leader shape. But for help if you do need to prune click here

Add a few handfuls of sheep pellets in spring and autumn and feed monthly from spring till autumn with Ocean Grow.

Spray with Freeflo Copper in July to reduce the risk of diseases.


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