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Indoor house plants


Breath new life into your living space and add a touch of x-factor, indoor plants are a great way to freshen up a room, helping make the space seem softer and more inviting. And in many cases it's even good for you! Various studies have looked at the benefits of houseplants, which can include filtering toxins from the air, increasing your sense of wellbeing and when in an office environement a study has shown that they can even improve your productivty. 


Recently a whole host of classic plants have become all the rage, and here are some of our stylish favourite plants. While all are instore as I write this, you'd best get in quick as the demand for some means we will quickly sell out. However, if you do miss out on what you want don't despair - ask at your nearest store and we can add you to our waiting list.



Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus Lyrata


Native to western Africa, growing in the rainforests of Cameroon to Western Sierra Leone, the Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata) has recently gone global and become one of the hottest houseplants around. Their large architectural leaves look stunning, and the plant itself is easy to grow.

For best results, grow in bright indirect light, water when the top inch of soil is dry (check by sticking your finger in to the soil), and fertilise every month from spring through until autumn with Kings Fast Food Fertiliser.



White, Green and Red Living Room (c) Emily May (flickr.com/photos/emilysnuffer/10670980376) CC BY 2.0


Buy one of our small plants online or come instore and get a larger grade

Remember to get in quick as we will soon sell out!




Also known as Snake plant or, the somewhat old fashioned name, Mother in Law's Tongue. This succulent is easy to grow, requires little water, can be grown in a wide array of conditions, and generally looks amazing. For best results place in bright indirect light (though they will tolerate some sun) and allow to dry out between waterings. 




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Kentia Palm– Howea Fosteriani


These graceful, slow-growing palms have been a popular houseplant since the Victorian era. The plant itself is native to a small island part way between Australia and New Zealand, and despite being grown inside and out the world over is considered 'vulnerable' in its native environment by the World Conservation Union. Despite this, as a house plant they are resilient, attractive, easy care and have a long life span.




Zamioculcas Zanzibar - ZZ Plant


This jurassic, prehistoric-looking plant thrives on neglect. More likely to be killed from being cared for, it'll cope with a wide array of conditions indoors. This plant needs little water and can tolerate darker areas indoors where other indoor plants may be unhappy.





Senecio – String of Pearls


Showy, elegant, creeping succulent. Easy to care for, these plants are so popular that a scramble often takes place when people realise that they are available

Given that it's a succulent, make sure not to overwater this funky, fancy houseplant through too much care and attention.

Once established they look stunning, especially when they grow enough to drape right around their pots.

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There are several orchids that can be grown to great effect indoors, but if you are just starting out you can't go wrong with moth orchids (Phalaenopsis). Easy to care for, under the right conditions there flowers can last more than 6 months. Happy in indirect sunlight and minimal watering required.

For more info on orchids click here

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Other Houseplant Ideas:



Bridal Veil and Zebra Plant

Both of these delightful plants are a type of Tradescantia. Though related to the weed often known by the dubious name of wandering jew or wandering willy, these two varieties aren't invasive even if they were to somehow get outside.

Stylish and easy care, they both do best in bright indirect light.




Lucky Bamboo

Very easy care, lucky bamboo just sits in its pot, immersed in water, and provided they are in a bright spot with indirect light, they will look great for long periods of time with minimal intervention.



Maidenhair Fern

A little bit harder to care for than most of the other plants mentioned here. However, they are well worth the extra effort (which basically involves ensuring that the soil stays moist and doesn't dry out) with their soft and attractive light green leaves. 



Chain of Hearts


Oak Leaf Ivy



Create your own mini ecosystem. Most stores have a wide range of glassware for you to make your own or some stylish examples that come ready made.

Learn more about terrariums here

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Stylish and easy to look after, a wide range of plants can be grown in a Kokedama. Kits or ready made balls are available instore.

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