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Growing from seed is an economical and easy way to grow plants. Whether you're growing flowers or veggies, growing from seed allows you to choose from a much wider range of interesting and unusual plants, while allowing you to enjoy watching and nurturing your plants from the get go.


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What you need

Seeds Choose what you want to grow from a huge range of different seeds, from older varieties sold as heirloom, to brand new varieties.

Seed Trays - a range of options is available, including biodegradable ones that can be planted with the seedling.

Seed Raising Mix: Specifically formulated to aid seed germination, root development and plant growth. We recommend Yates Black Magic or Tui Organic Seed Raising Mix.

Label Markers: Required when sowing more than one variety in your seed trays. Use a permanent marker or a pencil to write on them.

Watering: Use a sprayer to moisten the mix and mist the newly developing seedlings or carefully use a hose on sprinkle setting. If using a hose reduce water pressure and face nozzle upwards so that trays and seedlings are gently watered.

Fertiliser: Kings Liquid Fast food Fertiliser or Kings Ocean Grow can be applied once the seedlings begin growing. Use at half strength while they are young.



Growing from seed isn't hard but it does take time. Planning ahead will help you make sure that your garden is always full of delicious veggies and delightful flowers.

Staggered sowing ensures that your veggies and flowers don't come at once or end at the same time, and ensures that your garden always provides you with delicious and nutritious produce.



Sowing into trays

• Fill your seed tray with seed raising mix.

• Check the seed packets for planting requirements, some seed needs to be sown into a small trench and some sprinkled evenly on the surface. {Image 2}

• Lightly cover the seed with seed raising mix and gently firm down mix to create a good contact between the seed and mix.

• Label rows clearly for easy identification when transplanting into garden beds.

• Keep your seed tray in a warm well-lit position, away from cold night temperature drops or extreme hot sunny spots. Seed propagators are a great option if you don't have a greenhouse or a convenient windowsill.

• Depending on the time of year, seed germination can take between 7-14 days. Though some seeds (like capsicums) can take a bit longer.

• Protect from slugs and snail with Quash Slug Pellets.


Direct sowing into the ground

Prepare beds or area to plant by forking in compost and raking to form a fine seed bed.

Sprinkle seeds over area and lightly rake in. Lightly water.

Or, if you are sowing carrots or parsnips, draw a line in the soil. Sow seeds into the line. Cover up and then lightly water in.

If you've never done this before, seed tapes can make the whole process easier.



Don't allow your seed tray to dry out! Keep the mix or soil moist but not wet.

In spring most seeds will need watering at least once a day.


As they grow…

You can slowly increase the amount of time by keeping the trays in a sunny position and increase the amount of time they spend in cooler night temperatures, dependent on time of year. Avoid frosts!

If you are growing your seedlings inside, move them outdoors during the day.

These steps help to harden off the young plants in preparation for transplanting into your garden beds or pots. To avoid seedlings from overcrowding and stretching to reach the light, transplant them when they have developed two strong leaves.


Transplanting Seedlings


1) Gently loosen soil with your fingertips.


2) Carefully separate seedling out without touching the stem.

3) When handling seedlings hold one using one of the leaves. Don't hold it by the stem as any damage can kill your seedling.


4) Make a small hole and then carefully plant your seedling. It should be planted to roughly the same height that it was at previously. Gently press the soil around your plant.


5) Lightly water in.

For seed sowing essentials visit your local Kings Plant Barn or Shop Online.

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