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Plan Bee: Monthly Guide - November

Summer is almost here, meaning the bees are out busily collecting the last of the spring flower's pollen and nectar, and soon starting on the new summer flowers' that are just beginning to emerge.

Bee-friendly plants out in flower
Spring is plentiful with bee-friendly plants left, right and centre. Check out these plants feeding the bees this month:

Hardy against the hot summer sun and semi-drought tolerant. Perfect for large pots or showy garden beds.

Single-petal Roses
Elegant and timeless, single-petal roses are much easier for bees to access, especially for those large fuzzy bumble bees.

As the weather heats up, hebes will start bursting into flower. Compact, evergreen and native, what’s not to love about these plants!

Fuchsia (plants instore now)
A gorgeous shrub that feeds bees from early spring to mid summer. Invest in this plant to feed bees for years to come.

Cabbage Tree (plants instore now)
Our native cabbage tree will also encourage our native bird-of-the-year, the kereru (or NZ woodpigeon), to stick around and eat its ripe berries.

Bee-friendly plants ready for planting
Spring is a wonderful time to plant bee-friendly plants. Because it’s getting warmer, make sure you keep up the watering on those larger shrubs and trees, ensuring they don’t dry out while they get their roots established. Fertilise with organic liquid fertiliser such as Ocean Grow, once every three weeks.

Borage* (plants instore now)
Although borage will be out in flower already, keeping a good supply for bees will be important over the next few months.

Thyme (plants instore now)
A perfect drought-tolerant groundcover with culinary uses and small, sweet flowers that are great for bees. Plant in pots or the garden in a sunny position.

Marigold (plants instore now)
Acting as a companion plant for the veggie garden, plant marigolds along the edge of your beds to help ward off those annoying whiteflies.

Echinacea* (plants instore now)
A beautiful perennial that is always covered in all kinds of pollinating insects including bees and butterflies. Plant this year and enjoy it as it keeps coming back each year.

Squash/Pumpkin (plants instore now)
Your veggies will be unfurling their flowers for pollination; it’s a good idea to get these into the veggie bed as soon as possible!

* An absolute bee favourite

Monthly bee tip:
Get involved with your community to learn how you can help your local bees thrive with different plants and planting techniques. Check out our bee-enthusiast partners, For The Love Of Bees, on their website, or follow them on Facebook for more info.