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Caring for Roses

Caring for a rose needn't be difficult. But it's a lot easier if you set yourself up for success! A rose that is planted in the right spot and is well cared for is far less likely to have problems than a rose in the wrong spot or that hasn't been cared for correctly. And ultimately, getting things right at the start means less work and will make everything much easier.

Step-by-step DIY stone painting

Learn how to create your very own stone painting from scratch with these easy-to-follow steps!

Bonsai Care for beginners

Learn how to start caring for your new bonsai with these easy steps!

Caring for Lily bulbs

Learn about the different kinds of lilies, what attributes they have and how to look after them!

Caring For Indoor Plants This Winter

As the seasons change, so should the care of your lovely indoor plants that you have decorated your house with over the summer period. As many people don’t know that houseplants need different care during winter, this season is probably the easiest time to kill a houseplant. But have no fear, follow these easy steps to keep your leafy friends happy and healthy throughout the cooler months.

Bee Guide June

Learn what is out in flower for bees in Auckland'd mild winter, and what is perfect to plant now to help feed bees!

A Quick Guide to Growing Garlic and Shallots

Without onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks, food would lose some of its luster. And while some garlic is better than no garlic (except in desserts), few things will beat the taste of healthy, homegrown garlic, onions and shallots.

Winter Health Check

Learn what problems might happen in your garden this winter, and how to to prevent and treat for them!

Bee Guide May

May Herb of the Month - Fennel

This aromatic and flavourful member of the carrot family has been used for centuries the world over. However, it has often been under-utilised, as we fail take advantage of its glorious flavours.

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