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Easter Planting

Easter weekend is perfect for spending some quality time in the garden. Also known as ‘Nature’s best planting time’, autumn is still warm enough to be outside and getting stuck into planning, tidying and planting.

Little Growers Easter Gnome Hunt

That’s right, it’s back! Come in store for our famous Easter egg gnome hunt between the 13th and 23rd of April, sign up to the little grower’s club and get a free Easter egg!

Gumboot Friday

Led by New Zealander of the Year Mike King, Gumboot Friday is a day to raise awareness of and funds for much needed free youth counselling.

Bee Guide April

Bee Guide March

Caring for your indoor plants

Learn how to care for your indoor plants

Passion Fruit Fool

Passionfruit season is here! This delicious tangy fruit is not only a special sweet treat but also full of nutrients; vitamin C, vitamin A, iron and magnesium to name just a few. Passionfruit are yummy on their own but can also be used in baking and desserts.

Bee Guide February

February Herb of the Month: Lavender

Given how often lavender turns up in soaps and shampoos, it is very appropriate that the name derives from the Latin word 'to wash' (Lavare). Easy to grow and delightfully fragrant, lavender looks great by itself, in hedges or as part of a cottage garden. 

More flowers = More Bees

How you can help the bees!

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