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Growing Grapes

Grapes have been grown by humans for millenia, and given how delicious they are (not to mention the invention of wine) it's not hard to see why. Once established, their vigorous vines produce a mass of delicious fruit. They can be grown along a fence, over trellis or up a pergola and can provide delicious fruit and delightful shade right in the heat of summer.  And, they are easy to grow, provided you get things right from the get go!

A Quick Guide to Growing Edible Flowers

Decorate your garden, help keep the bees happy and brighten up many a drab salad or meal with the glorious addition of a tasty dash of colour. In recent years edible flowers have been all the rage, but to ensure you pick the right flowers from the right place here are a few tips on what to do.

Caramelised Plum Cobbler

Summer Frittata

Stuffed from the Christmas and tired of slaving over the stove. This Summer Frittata is light, easy to make, delightfully summery and goes well with a summer salad.

Top Tips for Dry Summers

As the sun unrelentingly beats down, it's easy to let things slide a bit in the garden as the ground quickly dries out. And sadly, water stressed plants are more likely to get hit by pests or diseases. 


So to help we've come up with a few tips that should make it easier to keep your plants happy, healthy, and watered.


Banoffee Chia Pudding

Incredible easy to make, gorgeously delicious and delightfully refreshing.

Raspberry Crumble Bar

Delicious, easy to make Raspberry Crumble Bar. Great for picnics, packed lunches and morning teas.

Choosing the right mix - A guide to buying compost, potting mix and mulches

Bored of being bewildered by the staggering array of potting mixes, composts and soils available. Here are our top tips to making the choice easy.

Tamarillo Cheesecake Recipe

This tasty, tangy and delicious cheesecake is easy to make and the fruit itself is fairly easy to grow, and once mature can produce an abundance of delicious fruit that is also great in jams, jellies and chutneys.

October Fruit of the Month - Tamarillo

Tasty, delicious and relatively easy to grow. Tamarillos are great as both a savoury and a dessert and can be used in a wide range of situations.

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