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Spring Bulbs

Dry Tolerant Plants

Need to figure out how to deal with those bone-dry spots in the garden, or suss out how to create a gorgeous, low maintenance garden that can take the heat. Here are a few of our top picks.

Recipe: Summer Frittata

Summer Frittata

Bee Guide January

January Herb of the Month: Oregano

Another Mediterranean favourite, oregano is fabulous with grilled vegetables, in tomato dishes and sauces, with cheeses and on pizza. Choose the Greek variety for strongest taste. Easy to dry for future use. Historically, the Greeks and Romans used it as a disinfectant, to ward off spirits and as a shampoo for its scent – up to you.

December Herb of the Month: Mint

Mint is easy to grow and can be used to make a wide array of tasty sauces and incredibly refreshing beverages. There are loads of different varieties to choose from. Wild mint has the strongest flavour, common mint is softer, while basil and chocolate mints bring different qualities and flavours.

Bee Guide December

Monthly Bee Guide: November

A monthly guide to help bees this November

November Herb of the Month: Chives

Delicious, versatile and nutritious, and for a slight twist try growing garlic chives. This perennial herb should last for years. Chives grow into small clumps, and can be harvested regularly all year round, and taste great in a wide range of situations, and are especially good in salads.

Hedges: Grow your Own Privacy

Whether you just find them pleasing to look at, or you want a bit more privacy from those nosey neighbours, hedges can be a great addition to your garden.


And unlike many dubious investment portfolios, funds invested into hedges are rarely squandered. In fact, provided you take care of them you'll find that they steadily grow without too much intervention, and they'll even benefit when you start to trim a bit of the edges.

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