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Spider Plant

Don't be put off by its creepy name, Spider plants are one of the most popular of the hanging plants available. There are a number of different varieties, some with cream and green leaves, others just green. All produce a main plant that sends out long yellow stems with white flowers. Once the flowers die off the plantlets (pups) form on the end of the stem (the spiders). They make a great addition to your plant collection and suit most positions. A perfect plant for the bathroom.

Planting Calendar


Spider plants are available throughout the year.



Generally Spider plants require bright but indirect light. Greener types will tolerate lower light


Re pot annually in Spring, using King's House Plant Mix



To keep you Spider plant growing well aim to keep the soil moist (water about once a week) during the hotter months. Reduce watering during winter, allowing the soil to dry out slightly before watering again. Too much water at this time may cause the plant to rot.


Feed your plant with Kings House Plant Liquid Food through Spring and Summer.


Aphids and mealybug can be a problem with Spider plants. Spray with Groventive garden.


Prune only to remove brown leaves or to cut back old flower stems.

General Care

Misting of the leaves will increase humidity which spider plants like.

Beginner Tip

Trim brown tips from the end of the leaves with a sharp pair of scissors. Trim to a point to match the natural growth of the leaf.

Expert Tip

Brown tips on Spider plant are usually caused by the soil drying out too much. Ensure you keep the soil moist and well drained.


When using sprays, chemicals or fertilisers always read the label and follow the instructions. Apply sprays in the evening to avoid harming beneficial insects.

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