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Tradescantia have made a come back recently, and are now some of the most popular hanging indoor plants, coming in a range of varieties. With stems that trail and foliage in shades of purple, silver and green. This tropical plant is easy to propagate making it a great gift to pass on to your plant loving friends.

Planting Calendar


Plants are readily available throughout the year.



Tradescantia prefers a well lit position out of direct sunlight. If placed in a position without enough light the plant will become leggy, with thin, smaller and fewer leaves.


Plant your Tradescantia into Kings House Plant Mix.


Repot when roots show through the holes at the bottom of the pot. Repot into a pot one size larger the the one it was in.



Tradescantia prefers to be kept moist, do not allow the soil dry out as the leaves may turn brown. Reduce watering according to the temperature. Plants use less water in the cooler months of the year. Ensure that the pot has drainage holes and don't allow the plant does not sit in water.


Feed regularly with Kings House Plant Liquid Food as per instructions on the bottle.


Aphids and mealy bug can be a problem so spray with Groventive Garden at first sign of pests.


Prune if plants become thin and leggy by pinching out the growing tips. This will encourage the plant to re- grow from lower down and thicken up.

General Care

When using sprays, chemicals or fertilisers always read the label and follow the instructions. Apply sprays in the evening to avoid harming beneficial insects.

Expert Tip

Variegated varieties need more light than green varieties, but no direct sunlight.


Propagate by taking cuttings from the plant and placing in water until roots appear. Re pot into potting mix and then gift to a friend.

Top Varieties

Tradescantia Zebrina

Tradescantia Zebrina

Yes you got it Zebrina as in Zebra, due to its stripes of purple and silver on its large leaves whos underside is purple. A fast grower that has rose purple flowers and hangs gracefully over the edge of its pot.

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