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ZZ Plant

Thriving when neglected, the ZZ plant accepts low-light areas and is also drought-tolerant. Its long, glossy leaves add interest to any corner.

Planting Calendar


ZZ plants are usually in the Garden Centers throughout the year,



Zamioculcas are happy in low light situations, and will also thrive in indirect bright light, but keep out of direct sun.


Plant in a good quality free draining potting mix like our Kings Potting Mix


Zamioculcas are not super fast growing, so will only need repotting once every few years. When repotting don’t be tempted to go for too large a pot, just the next size up is good. Too large a pot may mean the soil will hold excess water around the bulbous roots, which can cause the plant to rot.



ZZ thrives on neglect and does not not require much water, once a month give ZZ a good water, let all the excess water flow out from the pot before putting back in their cover pot. Never allow the roots to sit in water. Reduce watering further in the cold Winter months.


Feed as per instructions with Kings Liquid House Plant Food.


Mealybug can be a problem with ZZ plants. Spray at first sight of insects with Groventive Garden.


Remove any dead leaves, pulling them carefully from the base rather than cutting them at the base, this will prevent plant stems rotting.

General Care

When using sprays, chemicals or fertilisers always read the label and follow the instructions. Apply sprays in the evening to avoid harming beneficial insects.

Beginner Tip

The biggest failure when growing ZZ is kindness. Remember a good water once a month is ALL you need. In winter water even less.

Expert Tip

During Winter bring them into the centre of the home or office to help them stay warmer and away from heat fluctuations near windows.


The leaves can get dusty, wipe them very gently with a damp cloth to keep your plant healthy and looking good.

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