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08 Oct, 2021

Brophyta spp. The growth of moss is usually accompanied by shade, acidic soil, additional moisture and/or poor drainage.

To treat a moss problem, the site may need to be reviewed first to see if additional light or drainage is possible to prevent future moss growth.

Moss can grow in a variety of places including in lawns, on tree stumps, untreated wet wood, on and between brick, stone or concreted surfaces.


Review site to see if additional light or drainage is possible. Consider trimming back plants casting shade over the affected area. Compact soil and soil with poor nutrient levels are also prone to moss growth. Aerate the soil with a metal rake or gardening fork, feed lawns and avoid scouring the soil, especially when wet.

Organic Treatment

Spray Natural Power Weed Weapon on affected area. Spray directly on moss until slightly wet. Only use this natural option on specific mossy areas.

Chemical Treatment


To control on hard surfaces such as walls, driveways, paths and roofs use Surrender Moss and Algae Killer. This can also be used on the lawn.

Do not use on roofs that have a collection water system.


Use Kings Lawn Moss Control, or use Yates Weed & Feed Moss Killer to both feed the lawn and kill off moss. However, do not use these products on concrete as discolouration will occur

Moss will darken as it dies off. Rake out of your lawn after two weeks of application.

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