08 Jun, 2021

Thrips are small, slender insects with fringed wings, hence their scientific name Thysanoptera, from thysanoe (fringe) +epterone (wing).

There are thousands of different Thrips species worldwide. While some thrips are considered beneficial, most can cause serious problems in the garden due to the damage they cause while feeding on a wide array of plants. Thrip feed by puncturing the upper layer of a cell and sucking out the insides. On leaves the damage caused through feeding is quite obvious, causing the leaves to discolour and become silvery. Flowers often brown and fall off prematurely.


Stressed plants are more likely to be attacked. Keep plants healthy by ensuring they are well fed and watered sufficiently through the drier months.


Spray with Mavrik.

Spray in the evening so that beneficial insects aren’t affected. Do not apply to stonefruit after they have finished flowering.

Natural Treatment

Spray affected plants in the evening with Bugtrol. Repeat several times in weekly intervals if necessary.

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