Winter Colour

29 Apr, 2022

Enjoy a touch of colour in your garden during those grey winter months. Fill your garden with vibrant colour plants, that will thrive even in the middle of winter. From vibrant azaleas to striking manuka to versatile camellias, there’s something to suit every type of winter garden. Here are some of our favourite winter colour plants:


Azaleas are a popular, low growing shrub which become covered in masses of colourful blooms from late winter through to early summer. Ideal for Japanese gardens or where you need pops of colour in shaded areas.

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Leptospermum (Manuka)

Leptospermum, commonly known as manuka is popular for its colourful flowers throughout winter and spring. This hardy plant has been bred for its ornamental value in home gardens with flowers in pink, white or red, against contrasting bronze foliage. Great for coastal or windy sites, native borders and can also be grown in containers. Great for attracting bees to the garden and is one of the main sources of nectar for Manuka honey.

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Hellebores is also known as the Winter Rose. These beautiful, shade-loving perennials will help brighten up your garden through the dark depths of winter. Available in pure white and various shades of pink and burgundy.

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Daphne are popular for their intoxicating fragrance and beautiful winter blooms! Plus they look beautiful when planted in the garden or in pots. The varieties available in New Zealand are evergreen and are grown specifically for their ornamental winter flowers and unique fragrance.

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Pansies are popular for their stunning colourful blooms throughout the winter months. Plant into free draining enriched soil in the garden, containers or hanging baskets. Deadhead regularly to encourage more blooms.

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Cyclamen are perfect for brightening up winter. With their beautiful clusters of flowers in red, pinks, and white, cyclamen grow well indoors as well as outdoors when planted in pots, or directly into the garden. If growing indoors, keep away from direct heat sources.

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Camellias will brighten up any shady or sunny spot with their abundance of flowers throughout winter. They grow well in containers, as a specimen plant, and they make a fantastic hedge.

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Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale adds a different point of interest to the winter garden. While not grown for its flower, the foliage grows in a rosette in a range of colours, including white, pink, and purple. They make a fantastic border and also grow well in pots. Make sure to protect from white butterfly caterpillar by spraying with Bugtrol.

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Polyanthus thrive in the cool weather. They are a great plant for adding impact and colour either in containers or in the garden. Polyanthus come in a great range of colours including yellow, white, blue, pink, and purple. Perfect for brightening up any spot in the garden, and grow well in shaded areas under trees. Deadhead regularly to encourage more flowers.



Tall and elegant, leucadendron are extremely hardy and drought-resistant – if you forget to water them for a while, they’ll actually thank you for it. Instead of flowering, leucadendrons produce yellow, red and purple coloured bracts. The bracts last for months in the garden and also look gorgeous in flower arrangements.

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