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Pansies and Violas

Pretty pansies and vivid violas provide splashes of colour throughout the colder months of the year. They are members of the same family although viola flowers are more prolific and are smaller, with pansies having larger flowers. Flowers range in colour form delightful purples, white, blues, reds, and yellows or variations of colours. Either way, they both make stunning winter displays especially when mass planted as bedding plants, in containers and hanging baskets or to add pops of colour to a winter landscape

Planting Calendar


Pansy and viola seedlings are available from late Autumn through Winter ready to plant.



Pansies and violas like a position in s sunny warm spot in moist but free draining soil.


When planted into the ground, pansy and viola like a free draining soil that is rich in organic matter. To improve the organic content of your soil, break up the soil and add Kings Compost and Kings Sheep Pellets then mix together well. When growing in containers or baskets, plant into Kings Container mix. This mix contains added water storage crystals and Saturaid, two products that help maintain moisture in the soil.


Space plants approximately 20 cm apart. When planting into the ground, gently tap the plant out of its pot. Dig a hole twice the depth and width of the plants root ball. Mix Kings Compost into your existing soil at a 50/50 ratio, add Sheep Pellets, then mix together well. Back fill the hole with this soil, so that when planted the top of the plant’s roots sit level with the surrounding ground. Firm the soil down gently and water in well with Aquaticus Organic Garden Booster. In heavier clay soils, where drainage is likely to be an issue, plant onto a raised mound and sprinkle Gypsum Clay Breaker into the bottom of the hole, this helps slowly condition the soil and will help to break down the clay. When planting into containers, plant in Kings Containers mix, as this has water retention crystals in it, which will help in keeping the soil moist. Firm the soil down gently and water in well with Aquaticus Organic Garden Booster.



Pansy prefer to be kept moist, try to water in the morning and avoid getting water onto the leaves and flowers to reduce the chance of Mildew. Water slowly allowing the water to sink down into the roots, rather than allowing it to run off the top of the soils surface. Add Saturaid into the soil at planting as this will help channel the water deep down into the root zone. If planted in pots never allow the pot to sit in water.


Feed regularly throughout the growing season with Kings Liquid Fast Food.


Protect from slugs and snails with Tui Quash


Powdery mildew, slugs and snails can be a problem for pansies and violas. For mildew spray with FreeFlo Copper.


Remove old flowers to encourage new ones to grow.

General Care

When using sprays, chemicals or fertilisers always read the label and follow the instructions. Apply sprays in the evening to avoid harming beneficial insects.


Allow some flowers to go to seed, then when the climate is right they will germinate and you will have free plants.

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