Autumn Colour

25 Mar, 2021

As the nights start to lengthen, make sure that you enjoy the last of the warm weather and celebrate the glorious colours of autumn. But don't feel limited to the traditional autumnal shades of browns, reds and bronzes, that gloriously dots across the landscape, as there are loads of plants around that can add bright bursts of colour to your autumn and winter garden.

Here are some tips to get your garden looking bright and cheerful this autumn:

Plant odd numbers

Garden designers tend to agree that unless you are planting very formal rows, odd numbers of plants tend to look more natural. This works whether you are planting annual flowers, perennials or shrubs, and this trick can really make your garden look nicer.

Creating Depth

Playing around with different sized plants can help regardless of whether you're after that cottage garden feel, going formal, or even if you're just planting up a few pots.

Preparing to Plant

Growing healthy attractive plants starts with your soil. Before planting, improve your soil by mixing in compost and sheep pellets. In heavier clay soils use gypsum when planting to help break up the clay.

Feed Regularly

Keep existing and newly planted plants healthy by keeping them well fed. Feed every 3-4 weeks with Kings Fast Food or for a natural option use Aquaticus Garden Booster.


Along with the many white camellias available (once the proud symbol of the NZ suffragette movement) are a whole host of red and pink flowering camellias coming in a range of attractive shapes and sizes.


Small, delightful, honey scented flowers available in a few colours. Though if you plant the white ones and let them seed, you'll often get them pop up in any gaps in your planting. Best in full sun to part shade.


Aka Garden Mums, these eye-catching perennials produce a fantastic display of colour throughout autumn, and can be grown indoors and out. Once seen as a bit old fashioned, there has been a bit of a resurgence of popularity in recent years, and they are incredibly popular as a Mother’s Day gift.


Perfect for brightening up those shady or partially shady spots. Cyclamen come in pinks, whites and reds and can last for years to come. They grow from a small bulb and flower from autumn through till spring. Later they dieback, only to reappear again the following year. For best results, plant in fertile, free-draining soil.

Pansies and Violas

Available in array of bright and cheerful colours, these easy to grow annual plants thrive during the colder months. And if you’re ever feeling peckish, their flowers make a delicious addition to salads. Grow in full sun to light shade in fertile, free-draining soil.


This pretty little plant should keep flowering most of the winter, provided that you keep it fed and regularly deadhead them. And what's more, the petals make a delightful garnish for salads or various other meals. Best grown in full sun to part shade.


A member of the rhododendron family, azaleas produce a stunning display of flowers, with many varieties flowering from autumn to winter, and at times even into spring. They're often incredibly gorgeous, and once planted in the right spot can be very easy to care for.


Coming in an array of stunning flowers, they're an attractive plant that should last for months and can be planted all years round. Best grown in full sun to light shade.

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