Indoor Plant Autumn Styling

19 Mar, 2024

As the daylight hours get shorter and we ease into autumn, it’s time to make a few tweaks to your indoor plant care routine. The change in season is the ideal opportunity to consider adding some new houseplants to your collection, and try out some new styling techniques.


With the cooler autumn temperatures, our houseplants don’t need as much attention as they do in spring and summer. Some indoor plants like peace lilies, monstera and ficus, can handle being without water for a little while, just be sure to water them once the soil has dried out. Houseplants such as ferns, fittonias, and carnivorous plants prefer to stay moist, so maintain a regular watering routine to keep them growing well.


Light levels are lower during the autumn months, so some of your indoor plants may need to find a new home for the cooler seasons. Relocating your houseplants can present a fun opportunity to incorporate some fresh styling in your indoor space. Be sure to keep your plants warm by closing the windows at night, and keep an eye on any plants that are reaching for the light, rotating them by a quarter each week for balanced growth.


Your houseplants will grow a little slower while the weather is colder, and many will go into a dormancy period. During this time, your indoor plants won’t need much feeding, so give them a break from fertilising until the spring growing season.

Perfect Plant Match

With so many beautiful varieties to choose from, deciding on your perfect plant matches can be a little daunting. Here are some of our easy-care favourites, so have a browse before you choose which one, two or twelve you’ll be adding to your collection!

Extremely easy-care

Whether you’re a beginner, or a busy plant parent, an extremely easy-care option might just be your perfect match. This houseplant duo will tolerate a bit of neglect, and have low light requirements, so there’s no need to stress if you forget about them every now and then.


The ideal choice for a beginner, or if you're a serial plant killer... This houseplant is extremely tolerant of neglect, and seldom needs watering.

Style Match: Modern, sculptural homes.

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ZZ Plant

Known as an ‘eternity plant’ due to its long life, ZZ Plants thrive even in spots with low light, and with little care from their plant parents.

Style Match: Simple, natural aesthetic or monochromatic home.

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For the slightly more attentive plant parents, these easy-care houseplants are picky about their growing environments, but less about how you care for them. Keep them out of direct sunlight and they’ll reward you with lush foliage and pretty flowers.

Peace Lilies

Filling your home with lush green foliage and pure white blooms, peace lilies look great, plus they help remove toxins and oxygenate the air.

Style Match: Pair with pure white walls and warm wood accents

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With their large waxy flowers and glossy green foliage,
anthuriums add a different vibe to your space.

Style Match: Add to spaces that need a pop of colour.

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Challenge accepted

If you’re looking for a rewarding houseplant that requires a little more TLC, here are a couple of our favourites. Find the best spot and keep on top of watering and feeding, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of happy houseplants.


Known for being a little dramatic, calatheas just need a little love to keep them growing well. Ensure they have well-draining soil that doesn’t get too dry or too soggy, and they’ll reward you with striking foliage.

Style Match: Pair with an elegant or artistic planter

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Moth Orchids

Popular for their stunning blooms, moth orchids are particular about their watering requirements.

Style Match: Simple, minimalist aesthetic

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