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Mint is easy to grow and can be used to make a wide array of tasty sauces and refreshing beverages, great for those hot summer days. There are loads of different varieties to choose from. Wild mint has the strongest flavour, common mint is softer, while basil and chocolate mints bring different qualities and flavours.




Full sun to part shade.

Prefers moist fairly fertile soil. 



For best results mix in compost and sheep pellets before planting. Leave around 30cm between each plant. Avoid planting near other herbs as mint has a tendency to take over once established. For this reason planting in a pot can be a good way to stop your mint spreading.

When planting in a pot use Kings Container Mix.


Growing Tips

Once established Mint is very easy care. Feed with Kings Ocean Grow to speed up your mint getting established.

Keep the soil moist.

Cut back regularly.

At times mint can be prone to rust. If this becomes a problem cut it right back, keep the soil moist and feed occasionally to promote new healthy growth.